Pros and Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets

People can spend hours per day for weeks or even months choosing the perfect cabinets for their kitchens. They’ll ponder endlessly on the shapes and models, what kind of doors and drawers they want and whether to go with one drawer pull or another. Color is usually an afterthought for many, but white kitchen cabinets are a popular choice. Thousands of kitchens across the United States are filled with white cabinets and there are reasons why people tend to choose them, but there’s also the occasional pitfall to white cabinets as well. Make sure to educate yourself on both before hitting that order button.

Pros of White Cabinets

Possibly the most popular reason for choosing white versus black kitchen cabinets or other colors is that it goes with many different decors. It’s a bright and cheerful color that reflects light, giving the room a more lit feel even when there is little natural sunlight. It goes well with country decors, which are very popular with kitchens, as well as with more modern decors. It’s for this reason that many rental units and newly built homes start with white kitchen cabinets. Landlords and home builders want the cabinets to match whatever décor the new owners want. White provides the widest range and it’s one of the most common colors for showroom displays.

The White Kitchen Cabinet Cons

If there is one main downside with white cabinets, it’s that any stain, dirt or spill will be seen almost immediately. If you have pets, then the hair can become a beacon. The good news is that white cabinets are also easy to clean. Most spills can be taken care of with a wash cloth and some soapy water. The problem arises when a spill is left to sit and it actually stains the cabinet. Stains are easy to spot. White cabinets that get dingy can be easily painted, which adds a few more years of life to them.

Your Preference Is Best

People go back and forth on the white kitchen cabinet issue, but ultimately your decision is the only one that matters. If white cabinets are what look best with your décor or are your preference for a color, then choose them. Alternately, if you’d rather have black or gray kitchen cabinets or even something bold like red or green, go for it. You have to live with the results of your decision for a decade or more, so don’t do something you’ll regret. The kitchen is a safe haven and prominent area of the house. It’s a place you should enjoy going to and not a place you avoid.

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