Make Your Kitchen Cabinets a Priority

A home has many rooms, and over time various areas of the house need to be updated and remodeled. People spend thousands of dollars tearing down walls, adding bathroom fixtures, expanding living rooms and more, but kitchen cabinets can often get the short end of the stick. When there is a kitchen remodel, the kitchen cabinets may not get as much thought as wall colors, appliances, etc. In fact, some people don’t even bother getting new cabinets and instead reshape everything around them. Don’t make the mistake of leaving kitchen cabinets on the back burner because that can have a serious impact on your kitchen and your kitchen décor.

The Pricing Conundrum

The main reason why people don’t want to update their white kitchen cabinets is the price. When you’re considering the budget for a new kitchen, you have to think about everything from new appliances, paint and new cabinets. When the budget starts getting high, the first thing that goes is the kitchen cabinets. People prioritize appliances, etc. over cabinets and that seems natural at first glance. The cabinets are already there and while they may seem a little worse for wear, they’ll last far longer than the old oven or refrigerator.

That may be true, but will they last until your next remodel? Once kitchen cabinets start to degrade, you may not have eight years to wait. It’s better to buy them now than put it off and end up scrambling for the money a few years down the road.

Focal Point of the Kitchen

When people walk into your kitchen, the first thing they’ll probably notice is your gray kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are the largest part of your kitchen and become the focal point regardless of the decorations on the wall or the appliances. Instead of being focused on the décor, they’ll focus on the cabinets. If you decide to not prioritize the kitchen cabinets, then you end up getting décor to match the cabinets instead of the other way around. A drab and dreary kitchen cabinet brings down the entire kitchen and mutes the improvements done in a remodel.

Wear and Tear

Cabinets can last a decade or more, but they’ll start showing signs of wear and tear. If you don’t prioritize your kitchen cabinets, then soon doors may come of the hinges. Knobs and handles start coming off. Shelves that have held your dishes for a decade suddenly buckle. This may happen only a few years after your expensive remodel, so what are you to do? You spent all your savings on the remodel and don’t have the money for the cabinets you want. You end up getting something less expensive and then have to live with that decision for another decade. This problem is avoidable by getting high quality RTA cabinets when you do your kitchen remodeling.

You can find out how your kitchen would look like with new RTA kitchen cabinets by using our design tool. Check it out and see how amazing your kitchen can look.

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