Measuring Cabinets – Hire a Pro or DIY?

When it comes time to measure your kitchen and existing cabinets in the planning stages of a remodel, many people wonder, “Should I hire a professional, or just measure it myself?”

Well, the final answer will depend a lot on who you are, and how comfortable you are with precise measurements. If you’re detail-oriented, and the thought of graph paper and scale drawings and a little match excites you, you can surely do the measuring yourself. If numbers aren’t your thing, and “the nearest inch is close enough,” well … better let a pro handle it.

But what if you’re in between? How do you decide?

Follow the Rest of the Project

The best rule of thumb we can offer is to follow your own intentions for the rest of the project. Measuring cabinets isn’t any more complicated than assembling and installing them, so if you feel comfortable with a DIY kitchen makeover, measuring should be a pretty simple first step. If it isn’t, and you find yourself struggling, then maybe this isn’t the best DIY project for you, and you should think about hiring a contractor.

If you’re hiring a contractor to do the remodeling anyway, not only should you just let them handle the measuring, planning, and design—they’ll probably insist! So why waste time and mental energy doing something they’re just going to repeat anyway?

For DIY, Don’t Just Wing It

If you do decide to DIY, don’t just fly by the seat of your pants! There are established standards and precedents for what to measure and how. We detail the different cabinet designs and the jargon you’ll encounter as you choose them.

On our website, at, we also offer online DIY kitchen design tools that will help walk you through the process and ensure that you get an accurate model of your kitchen to work with as you design your new cabinet layout. Check it out, and if you need any help, give our design consultants a call at 610-337-5934. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, free of charge or obligation!

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