How to Maximize Space in Your Bathroom

You may be ready to remodel your bathroom, but you’re not quite sure how, because the space is so small. Knocking down walls and rebuilding them to add square footage is expensive, and it isn’t always an option. Here are some ingenious ways to make your bathroom feel larger, even if, in reality, it’s a teeny tiny box.


Dark hues make your walls shrink. Maybe not literally, but it’s how our brains interpret color in space. It’s recommended that you stay away from strong colors as well, such as yellow. You don’t have to have white walls, but stick to light hues, such as pastels. White cabinets make a great anchor for other colors and keep the space looking fresh and open.


A large bathroom vanity mirror in a small space is a must-have. Why? Because mirrors visually double your space. You’ll notice if you’re helping a friend move that once mirrors are taken out, the space feels much more cramped. Also, instead of using opaque glass or a curtain, use glass that you can see through for your shower enclosure. You can keep it spotless with special cleaner and a squeegee, and it instantly adds volume to your bathroom.


Recessed lighting is hidden away inside the ceiling and gives the illusion of height. Using protruding light fixtures invades space that is already small. Recessed lighting works well above your bathroom vanity and shower where you need to see in better detail. If you have a fence or a hedge that gives you adequate privacy, open windows make a huge difference. Consider skylights if a bigger window isn’t an option.


Cabinets can traditionally take up a huge amount of space in your bathroom. You have to have a place to store all of your stuff, right? To reduce the bulk, install a shelf or a medicine cabinet above your bathroom vanity instead of below your sink. As always, mirrors help expand your space, but white cabinets do the trick as well. Shelving and cabinets above the toilet are also a popular option, as well as in the space above your door. Rev a shelf includes pullout drawers and baskets that can help maximize the vertical space inside your bathroom cabinets.


Showcasing premium surfaces, such as uba tuba granite, is a great option in a small bathroom. Such additions make your space more interesting, but it is advised that you keep any decor simple and sleek, so as to prevent a cluttered feel.

Ready to install cabinets in your bathroom? We have ready-to-assemble cabinets that you can install yourself to save money. We have tons of creative options that you can choose from to make your bathroom feel more spacious.

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