How Colors Affect the Look of Your Bathroom

Choosing color for your bathroom cabinets, walls, floors, and other decor encompasses an endless array of choices. Color, or the lack thereof, gives a certain feel to your space despite your intentions. After a long day at work or play, the colors you choose for your bathroom and how you decide to pair them will either relax or invigorate you. Take charge of your bathroom decor and have fun with these helpful tips on how create a space that you will love.

Emotional Drives for Choosing Color

Lilac, a soft, light purple hue, is often a choice for bathrooms because of its serene nature. If you plan to have a relaxing feel to your bathroom, you want to choose a color that evokes a feeling of safety and rest. Blue, while traditionally viewed as an intellectually stimulating color, also works for bathrooms in lighter shades. You might have seen a friend or neighbor use a turquoise or pastel to complement an oceanic theme around the bathroom vanity. Greens are closely related to blues, and bring forth feelings of harmony. Design professionals recommend keeping the color light, as darker shades can encourage depressive moods.

The Science of Black and White

If you were to observe the full visible color spectrum, you’d notice that it is devoid of both black and white. This is because black and white are neither truly colors and are instead the absence of color or the combination of the entire spectrum.

Black is the absence of light, because it is what we see when all the colors on the spectrum are absorbed by the object that the light waves are hitting. White is what we see when all the colors are reflected off the object.

This all relates to color psychology in an interesting way. White is associated with feelings of wholeness, completion, and purity. People often choose white cabinets for their bathrooms because it gives off this positive vibe; however, too much white makes the space look bland. Black can be associated with death and mystery, yet it may also correspond with wealth and elegance.

How to Put It All Together

The key to decorating with black or white is to use it to accent another color. This strategy brings a sense of balance to your space. Ultimately, while many choose more vibrant colors for their bathrooms, you may prefer darker hues brightened by white decor, such as with your bathroom cabinet. Colors for bathroom sink cabinets are often chosen in a neutral gray, black, white, or brown because they are such large pieces.

As an exercise, find pictures of black or white cabinets in bathrooms and observe how they work against both vibrant hues and dark hues. When searching through photographs for inspiration, you can better analyze why certain colors were chosen and determine how to replicate looks you like for your bathroom.

Grey makes a great base for all colors and it ties them together nicely. If you’re using a louder color, such as yellow, grey can neutralize its vibrancy and keep a sense of calm joy. Grey gives an aura of sophistication and works for all rooms in your home or office.

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