Make Sure Mold Doesn’t Get in Your Bathroom Cabinets

Mold. Just mentioning the word makes most of us shudder.  It’s linked to an enormous number of health problems, and the biggest problem that homeowners consistently mark on any survey ever done.  One place that is a hotbed of mold growth is the bathroom.  Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to fight this fungus, and keep your bathroom and bathroom cabinets mold free.

Be Smart When Building

The fight against mold begins before the first wall is even painted (or tiled).  Whether you are building a new home, or remodeling your current bathroom, planning is very important.  Make sure all the materials you are using are clearly marked mold or fungus resistant.  Paints, caulking, even drywall, all of it should be of the highest quality.

Secondly, most people don’t realize that they can significantly cut down on mold in the bathroom by having proper circulation.  By having a fan on in your bathroom when you take a bath or a shower, and leaving it on a few minutes after you are done, you can cut down on the chances for mold infesting your bathroom by more than 75%!  Make sure that when putting in the bathtub/shower cabin, you have access to pipes and shutoff valves somewhere, as that area can get moldy as well.  It’s a good thing if you don’t seal off the pipe chase, but allow free air flow within.

Clean Cabinets

If you do not get the proper cabinets, you are in for a lifetime battle.  Here at RTA Cabinet Store, we can’t begin to count the times that we have had new clients call us for help designing a bathroom that will help them fight mold.  While the endeavor isn’t always successful (some people just don’t trust anyone’s word other than their own, and those people tend to be the ones who complain) the vast majority of our customers take our word for it and are very happy with the results.  Check out some of the reviews at Houzz for RTA Cabinet Store. All of the RTA bathroom cabinets we sell are treated to be as proof against humidity and warping as they can be, which means mold-resistant as well.

Tips and Tricks

Try to keep from putting anything damp or wet inside the cabinets, and one tip that tends to work very well is to get a dehumidifier box to put in the back of the cabinets.  They are sold in just about every supermarket and home store, and are little boxes that usually soak up the humidity in your refrigerator.  They work great for bathroom cabinets as well, and really help to keep the mold down.

Make sure that you also wipe your cabinets down on the inside, completely, at least once every six weeks to two months, less in the winter and more in the summer.  A little bit of anti-mold spray also goes a long way.  Follow some (if not all!) of these tips and tricks, get the right cabinetry installed and the right paint on the walls, make sure you have good airflow, and put the worry about mold in your bathroom far away.

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