Keep Your Bathroom Cabinets Safe From Water Damage

Bathroom cabinets and vanities can take a lot of punishment through the years, especially if you have small children. Water damage in bathrooms is common, but you can help increase the longevity of your cabinets and vanities by following some simple tips.

Avoid Direct Contact with Water

Anytime there is moisture in direct contact with the cabinets, you run the risk of damage over time. So, when the kids slosh around in the bathtub or overflow the toilet, water hits the cabinets and, over time, will wear away any protections leading to warping and even degradation of the material.

The easiest way to prevent this is to keep the cabinets as far away from water sources as possible. While this isn’t always possible, like if you have a small bathroom, clean up water on the cabinets as quickly as possible.

Barriers to Water Damage

It’s a little trickier to keep the cabinet under the sink from getting water damaged. It’s impossible to keep water away from the bathroom sink cabinets. And if the pipe springs a leak, the damage can happen fast and will eventually cause problems on the exterior as well.

Make a point of inspecting the interior of sink cabinets regularly. That way you can catch leaks early before there is irreparable damage. You could also install a barrier that will keep any water from seeping into your cabinet.

For example, stick-on tile is inexpensive and makes a great seal for the interior of your cabinet. Measure and cut to fit, and secure the tiles to the inside of the cabinet. If a leak develops, the tile will keep it from being absorbed into the wood.

Careful Maintenance

It’s important to be vigilant when it comes to preventing the cabinet under the sink from getting water damaged. Standing water is a leading cause of damage, and many times that can be taken care of with some paper towels.

If water gets splashed out of the bathtub, then make sure it gets mopped up quickly. Don’t leave little puddles of water on your bathroom vanity top and make sure there’s no residual water after a toilet overflow. If you’re worried about steam damaging the cabinets, then install a fan that can help take it out of the air.

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