Which Is Better—More Expensive Long Lasting Kitchen Cabinets or Less Expensive Shorter Lasting?

One of the hardest decisions to make with kitchen cabinets is what materials to choose. Long lasting kitchen cabinets tend to be made from real wood and are more expensive. Pressboard cabinets at the other end of the spectrum cost less, but likely won’t last as long. There are also mid-range materials that last somewhere in between. As someone about to purchase new cabinets, what is more important to you? We’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of each and how wear and tear might factor in to your decision.

How Much Do You Use It?

If you’re a bachelor or a family that tends to eat out or cook pre-made meals, then cheap kitchen cabinets might be a better investment. If the kitchen isn’t used for preparing meals, then it won’t endure much wear and tear. You might be able to extend the life of less expensive cabinets.

In some homes, the kitchen is just for show, so the cabinets will look pristine. Kitchens used regularly or for preparing large family dinners would be better served with more expensive cabinets. They fare better with the wear and tear of everyday use such as dropped pots and spilled food. You also will want to clean them more often. Cheaper cabinets will not handle that and begin showing nicks and stains.

Save Money Now or Later

Money is perhaps the biggest factor in choosing kitchen cabinets. If everyone could, they’d spend money to get the best, but that isn’t always possible. The biggest advantage of inexpensive kitchen cabinets is you save money right away.

If you don’t have the capital for more expensive cabinets or want to spend money in other areas of a kitchen remodel, then you might choose saving money now. The downside is that down the line you’re going to need new kitchen cabinets sooner than with a more expensive variety. Depending on how much wear and tear cheap kitchen cabinets take, you may end up needing new cabinets in 5-7 years. A more expensive cabinet set can last a decade or longer, so you’re saving money in the long run.

Are Mid-Range Materials Worth it?

We’ve discussed the two extremes, least expensive and most expensive, but what about those mid-range materials. MDF, laminate and other materials are sturdier than pressboard, but still have issues with water and warping. While made differently, they all deal with various layers or pieces of wood glued and pressed together. They will last longer than pressboard, but not nearly as long as solid wood cabinets.

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