Best Ways to Save on a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is a major undertaking and you want to save money as much as you can. While there are many places you can cut corners to save a few dollars, some of those may end up being a detriment in the long run. Our guide will help you know where the best places to save will be and where not to skimp.

We want you to have the perfect kitchen that you can admire for years. It needs to be a mix of function and affordability. We know that for many people the concept of “money is no object” isn’t possible, so save where you can.

Save: Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Your kitchen needs to have good kitchen cabinets, but not necessarily all the frills that go with them. Kitchen accessories are great and make life easier to organize, but they are not a necessity. Accessories from fancy doors to a connected spice rack will drive up the price of the cabinets.

You may start with a base set, but with each accessory the price goes up. If you absolutely need accessories, then buy them, but don’t do it just for the sake of having cool gadgets. Many people get locked into that trap and end up going way over their budget without even noticing it happening.

Don’t Skimp: Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Kitchen cabinets need to last for a long time, like a decade or more. You don’t want to spend thousands on your kitchen remodel just to completely replace your kitchen cabinets in a few years. It’s important to choose a sturdy material for your cabinets.

Press board may be inexpensive, but it’s also prone to damage, warping and more. Your cabinets will look great for a year or two, but you’ll see signs of wear and tear, especially if it has regular contact with water or moisture. If you choose better materials, such as hardwood, then the cabinets will look better and last longer.

Save: Appliances Don’t Have to Be the Best

When you’re buying ovens and refrigerators for your kitchen remodel, you’ll be tempted to go for the best. It only makes sense. You’re going to have them for many years, and by then even the most advanced appliances will be old news. You may think that a Bluetooth-enabled oven that can tell you when food is done is great, but do you really need it?

A refrigerator keeps food cold and an oven heats food up. It doesn’t need to do much more than that. The more important factor is size. You want appliances that fit your space and your needs. If you’re a family of six, then you’ll want larger appliances. Gadgets and extras are nice, but not necessities.

If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel, then why not check out our free brochure that tells you everything you need to know about buying kitchen cabinets.

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