How to Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

Whether you are planning to remodel your kitchen, get a new kitchen, or just want to change a few things, many people want that feeling of more space in the kitchen.  We have compiled a list of tips which will help you get that feeling of the larger kitchen you want.

Cabinet Doors

One thing that can make your kitchen feel much larger is replacing your cabinet doors with windowed doors.  This allows you to see the inside of your cabinets and literally see more space within the room.  This gives the illusion, and a convincing one, that the room is much larger than it was before.

Go White

If your kitchen is not white, consider getting some new cabinets to replace your current ones.  Easy to install and affordable, a style which is primarily white can immediately change the look of the kitchen.  Combining this with a white backdrop and painting the walls white can make a huge difference.  The perceived increased depth of the room added by the white makes all the difference.

Clean Space, Clean Lines

Clearing off your countertop can do wonders for perceived space.  By storing everything inside your cabinets, and just taking things out as needed, you give the eye the ability to see long straight lines and clean corners, adding to the illusion of space.  If your cabinets are cluttered, check out the Rev-A-Shelf kitchen accessories here at RTA Cabinet Store.  They can help you get that larger kitchen look by providing many times the amount of storage space inside your cabinets, thereby allowing you to clean off the surfaces.

Add Light

Brightening the area will also make the kitchen seem larger.  No matter the color of the cabinets (though especially if they are wood), adding light will have the same effect as turning everything white.  Combining under-cabinet lighting and natural light from the windows is a great way to make it seem like a new kitchen.  Removing blinds or swapping the old ones out for semi-transparent ones, for example, are great ways to get that extra light.

Combine the Methods

While all of these methods can help, a combination of all of them will make your kitchen look much larger than it actually is.  Go ahead and get started, your larger kitchen awaits!

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