Customize Your Kitchen with Rev-A-Shelf

Rev-A-Shelf is a revolutionary idea, with a very simple concept.  Take the area inside your cabinets, and maximize its efficiency.  That’s it.  Nevertheless, it is a very unique and affordable way to customize your kitchen, and turn it from a normal everyday one into a unique kitchen that will organize your cooking life.

Rev-A-Shelf Has Thought of It

There are so many different accessories available from the Rev-A-Shelf line, that we are hard-pressed here at RTA Cabinet Store to think of anything else they could offer.  Their cabinet shelves and door shelves, used together, can quadruple the amount of usable space in one cabinet, and organize everything in it to boot!

The Full Range

Rev-A-Shelf’s kitchen customization capabilities go in a lot of directions.  While many specific uses exist, the categories of the Rev-A-Shelf line include drawer accessories, spice racks, cutting boards and pot lid holders, waste baskets, base cabinet accessories, wall cabinet accessories, pantry accessories, and Glideware cabinet organizers.

The Choices

Wood, chromed, and white polymer styles are available for pretty much all of the Rev-A-Shelf line, allowing you to customize your kitchen to the look you desire.  All are sturdy and durable, so no need to worry about quality when choosing one over the other.  They are all made to the highest standards, and come with a hefty guarantee.

Check Before You Buy

While RTA Cabinet Store offers the whole range of the Rev-A-Shelf line, you have to make sure that what you choose will fit into your RTA Cabinets.  One size fits most, but not all, so be careful when ordering, to see that you get the right size for your kitchen customization project.

Something for Everyone

There are many nifty ideas for things to put in your kitchen, and Rev-A-Shelf has a lot of them planned out perfectly.  We particularly like a few.  These include the sink-base tip out trays, giving you the option to have your kitchen soap, sponges and scrub brushes hidden, but instantly available; and we also like the pull out chrome baskets which make it super-easy to organize all your pots and pans.  In the end, though, we have to say we like it all.

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