Could A Kitchen Island With Seating Bring Your Family Closer?

When it comes to accessories for kitchens, people think of cabinets and appliances, but a kitchen island with seating can not only help make your kitchen look great, but also bring your family closer together. We live in a rough and tumble, fast-paced world where people barely have time to eat, let alone sit down for a meal. You may not think that a simple kitchen accessory can have such an impact, but you’d be surprised how much a single piece of kitchen furniture can make a difference.


When you have a kitchen with a separate dining area, it can be a solitary place. People may saunter in and out while you make dinner or lunch, but few will stay to talk about their day or have an extensive conversation.

When you have an island with seating, you’ve created a space for them to sit and enjoy your company. As you’re sorting through your affordable kitchen cabinets, your children are sitting at the island telling you about their day, doing their homework and anything else. By giving them a place to sit and a workspace, they don’t have to hang out in the living or dining room while you’re preparing meals.

Make Breakfast a Family Affair

Mornings are hectic. You’re trying to get dressed, get your family ready, make breakfast and a million other things. When was the last time you sat down for a family breakfast that wasn’t on a weekend? With no place to sit in the kitchen, the family is scattered. One is in the living room watching cartoons. Your son is still in his room studying for his social studies test and your spouse is searching for his or her keys.

When you have an island with seating, you can bring them all together while you’re making breakfast. They can talk and enjoy each other and you can sit and eat breakfast with them instead of running through the house trying to find them. It can be the family meeting place in the morning. You can even make sure they have everything they need before they go their separate ways, because they’ll all be there for you to talk to.

A Private Place of Contemplation

When you have a ton of children, it’s hard to have a place that’s private to have important conversations. The kitchen with its inexpensive kitchen cabinets and coffee machine is the perfect place to have any conversations you might need. Your son could have stayed up past bedtime and you need the punishment conversation. Your daughter broke up with her boyfriend and you want to make sure she’s okay. When you don’t have a place like this, you run the risk of family members barging in. Bedrooms are personal spaces and they may not feel comfortable taking about it, but the kitchen is a warm and inviting place.

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