Hate the Look of Your Kitchen Cabinets? Spruce Them Up!

Time is not kind to kitchen cabinets. Years and years of use and societal style change can make those cabinets you once beamed over look dreary and dingy. Brand new kitchen cabinets can be expensive and take time to research, so sometimes sprucing up your old cabinets is the best way to go. If you still don’t like them, you can always buy new ones. We know many people who have taken old cabinets and turned them into something beautiful.

Give Them a Good Cleaning

You’d be surprised how good your old and dingy affordable kitchen cabinets look after a good cleaning. People clean countertops on a regular basis, but often forget about their cabinets and drawers. They’re impacted by spills, smoke, grease, dirt and grime just like everything else, but they’re almost never on a regular cleaning regimen.

Most people will clean the occasional spill, but if you want to get your kitchen cabinets looking almost new, you’ll need to clean a little deeper. Start with a bucket of warm soapy water and go over each drawer and cabinet. The soap helps not only get rid of dirt, but grease as well. Once that is done, go over it with a dry towel to soak up any moisture. Moisture is rough on cabinets. Never use a caustic or abrasive cleaner as that may scratch the cabinets or break down the finish.

Transform with Painting or Veneer

When people say their cabinets are unattractive, they’re typically talking about the outside. No one sees the inside much and it doesn’t get exposed to the dirt like the outside. When the outside becomes dingy, why not give it a paint job. A new coat of paint can do wonders to bring back the shine of old cabinets. You can repaint it the same color or be more bold and daring with something new.

If painting isn’t your thing, then use veneers, which are panels that stick to the outside of the cabinets to give them a new look. They can be a different color or even wood paneling. Make sure to apply a finish to the outside after the paint has dried or after putting up the veneer. The finish protects the inexpensive kitchen cabinets to make them look great for years to come.

Find Discounted Cabinets

If all else fails, you can look for discounted kitchen cabinets that won’t be as expensive as other types. Discount cabinets could be RTA kitchen cabinets that you put together and thus don’t have to pay for assembly, or those you find on sale. The only caveat to purchasing discounted cabinets is making sure the quality is there. It’s an investment and you don’t want to have to purchase another new set three years down the line. Also, sometimes sellers will discount discontinued cabinets to make room for new ones, but it may be difficult to find replacement parts a few years down line.

Are you interested in learning more about RTA cabinets? Check out our free guide and let us help you find your dream kitchen.

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