The Kitchen Backsplash—Oft Overlooked, but Crucial

It’s fun to personalize your home and make it truly yours. For most rooms in the house, décor and furniture can go a long way toward transforming an ordinary house into an extraordinary home that just shouts “you.” It’d be fun to be able to design a house from the ground up to be totally customized to your individual tastes, but the reality of modern society is that most families end up moving sooner or later, so you really do need to keep one eye on the future, and plan to keep it saleable as well.

Tradition vs. Personal Flair

Just imagine walking into a house you’re considering buying, to find that the kitchen cabinets and appliances are all in colors you can’t stand, maybe garish primary colors, for example. You’d just walk right back out and move on, rather than plan to remodel the kitchen to get it more in line with your tastes. The popular trends are trendy for a reason: they sell well. Check out our range of RTA kitchen cabinets for an idea of what’s popular: wood tones, black, white, and cool grays, for the most part. Appliances mostly come in traditional, inoffensive, neutral tones as well.

In most rooms in a house, you can get away with a little flair. Painting walls and changing carpet, for example, can personalize a house without adding prohibitive cost and effort when it comes time to rein it back in to get ready to sell. Kitchens, though, are tricky. Most of the walls in a kitchen are covered with cabinets, so options for paint and wall hangings are limited. The cabinets themselves could be considered the “furniture”, but unlike the furniture in other rooms, they stay with the house.

So if you like a splash of color here and there, what can you do?

The Backsplash, Of Course!

The boring old backsplash at the back of your countertops, that keeps food and cleaning agents from splashing up onto the paint and ruining it, are often overlooked when it comes to design and décor. The thing is, they don’t have to be boring!

There’s a huge range of options, from backsplashes that are just a few inches high, to ones that go from countertop to wall cabinet. One popular option is to use tiles. Subway tiles are a great way to add some flair without going too wild, but if you move into artisan ceramic tiles, the sky’s the limit. You can sprinkle any colors you like, from rich, dark hues, to lively jewel tones, to bright, cheery pastels. You can also make patterns and shapes. Some tiles even come with artwork built right in.

Easy to install, especially when the cabinets are out, and your new RTA cabinets have arrived so you have precise measurements to work with, you can add a surprising amount of pizzazz and personalization to your kitchen with a custom backsplash. Just like the paint in a bedroom, though, when it comes time for the next owner to make it feel like theirs, or to take it back toward neutrality, it’s a modest project, low in cost and effort, compared to a full kitchen remodel.

RTA Cabinet Store offers a free Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets to help you design your kitchen remodeling. Click the link and get started today!

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