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Unfinished Cabinet Accessories &Trim

Unfinished Cabinet Accessories &Trim

Whether you are looking to update your existing cabinetry or want to really showcase your new style with new cabinets, our unfinished cabinet accessories and trim can truly take your cabinets to the next level of interior design. We have added everything you need from mouldings and corbels to posts and columns to feet and legs in styles to match any design scheme. No matter what style your cabinetry is, we have accessories to match and, since they are unfinished, you can easily stain them to match almost any wood tone. For cabinets that look custom made without the price tag, browse our extensive selection of accessories.

Accessories and trim are the cabinetry equivalent of the icing on the cake. They take your cabinets from just storage and transform them into detailed design elements that showcase your personal style to create a room you don’t just like, but that you really love. If you are tired of your current kitchen or bathroom, simply changing or adding new trim and accessories can completely update and modernize a room. Let’s take a closer look at how you might use some of our unfinished products to create the room you’ve been dreaming of:

Moulding is trimming for your cabinet tops and edges. Eye-catching and detailed moldings can ultimately make the cabinets the true focal point of the room. Simpler, less ornate moulding can complete the room and draw all the cabinetry together. If you’re not sure where to start with updating, moulding should be your first consideration. It fits seamlessly into any design scheme and really pulls the room together.

Valances are the perfect touch for that space that just seems too bare or empty. Traditionally used over windows or in empty spaces between cabinets, they can add that little bit of detailing that your room may be missing.

Onlays and appliqu├ęs are carved, flat designs meant to decorate cabinetry or furniture. If done right, they look like they were carved directly from the cabinet, so you really get the look of custom cabinetry. Use on furniture in other areas of the home to tie the design scheme of the entire home together.

Feet and Legs
Feet and legs are often overlooked in favor of more prominent interior design elements, but they can go a long way in creating the look you really want. Unique legs and feet can add that subtle touch to finish off your dream room.

Capitals are traditionally used as toppers of columns, posts or pilasters. We have some very ornate and intricately carved designs that truly transform the room into something special. Use around fireplace mantels in an open floor plan to tie together the design schemes in the kitchen and living areas.

Corbels date back to ancient architecture and they can really provide a sense of elegance and old world charm. Use beneath wall cabinets, on an island, under overhanging countertops, or beneath a mantel to create seamless lines and add some intricate detailing.

Posts and Columns
Consider adding posts and columns if you feel something is missing from the room, but just can’t put your finger on what. Columns are a very elegant look and are great for creating barriers within an open floor plan or adding style to your fireplace. You’ll be amazed at what changing the posts beneath an island can do for the overall look of the room.

Transition Blocks and Rosettes
Transition blocks and rosettes are essential elements for finishing out a room, those final added details that draw everything together for a seamless design effect. These products have clean, simple lines and less detailing so they can slip easily into any design plan.

Just like our RTA cabinet sets, our unfinished cabinet accessories and trims are made for stability and durability so you can be sure you are getting products that will stand the test of time. Constructed of solid wood, these unfinished accessories can easily be stained to match almost any cabinetry. We have pints of stains available in a wide range of wood tones. Since postal regulations prevent us from shipping stains alone, be sure to include them in your accessories and trim order and you’ll have a fabulous and impressive room in no time at all.

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