The Impressive Flexibility of Kitchen Cabinets

When you think RTA Kitchen Cabinets, their flexibility may not be what comes to mind. Kitchen cabinets are kitchen cabinets, right? Well … not necessarily. Our designers and our customers have come up with some amazing uses for our kitchen cabinets. Take a look at a few, and let us know if you have any more ideas!

Coat Rack and Mudroom Storage with Kitchen Cabinets

Check out this gorgeous mudroom solution, complete with coat rack, plenty of storage for gloves, hats, scarves, umbrellas, and anything else you might need to brave the elements. Easily achieved with almost any of our cabinet lines, you aren’t limited just to this style. Here, we’ve added a pair of surface-mounted mirrors for last-minute fashion checks on the way out the door.

Something to keep in mind is that when you’re not using cabinets for hardcore work like in a kitchen, or exposing them frequently to water like in a bathroom, you don’t need real countertops. Just some nicely stained and polished wood will do just fine, for a fraction of the price!

Slim Profile Pantry Wall

Many older kitchens are lacking in terms of storage, and sometimes cabinets alone can’t make up for a missing pantry. You can fix that by creating a pantry along an otherwise unused wall, where normal cabinets are too deep, and could block the flow of traffic. By using wall cabinets here, this customer has created a slim pantry wall with plenty of storage space for small food items, that only sticks out about eighteen inches from the wall itself, leaving household traffic patterns unchanged.

Open Laundry Arrangement with RTA Cabinets

No room for a laundry room all by itself? If your washer and dryer are out in the open, like in the garage entryway or a hall, you can make them look a lot more presentable with kitchen cabinets! A fridge enclosure will fit most stackable washer/dryer combos, and with lots of storage space all around them, laundry will be more convenient than ever! And, since you have plumbing running to the washer and dryer anyway, adding a sink to one countertop like we’ve shown in this picture is a cinch, and more handy than you might think, if you’ve never had a sink at hand when you’re prepping clothes for washing.

The instructions for how to make these designs and more can be found on our website. Just click on any of our cabinet designs, and then go to the Gallery tab on its page.

Hungry for more? Download our new e-book, The Consumer’s Guide to Kitchen Cabinets, and we’ll also give you “Our Top-12 Most Popular Design Ideas” and a “Kitchen Remodel Survival Guide” to help you get through the weekend or weekends when you won’t have a fully-functional kitchen.

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