RTA vs. Ikea Cabinets

If you like the idea of buying cabinets that are ready-to-assemble but wonder how other options compare, you’ve come to the right place. Whether remodeling your kitchen, or installing a kitchen in a new home, Ikea’s kitchen cabinets and online RTA cabinets offer similar convenience. They both offer a more affordable option in a quality product. Here is a quick comparison of both styles so that you can determine which is best for your new kitchen.

Ikea Cabinets

Ikea has made a name for itself through ready-to-assemble furniture, and its kitchen cabinet line is no exception. A walk-through the Ikea “path” will lead you to the kitchen section, with a number of different kitchens preassembled for viewing.  At the end of that section, there is the build section where you can speak with a store associate and build your kitchen, choosing from all the Ikea styles and accessories. Ikea cabinets are generally made from particle board with MDF or HDF doors.

This is a great way for people to check out what they are buying and get a feel for what their kitchen will look like. All the kitchen hardware is right there, and one can see exactly what a drawer pull or under-cabinet lighting looks like in person. Oftentimes, you can take your kitchen home from the store, or have it delivered in just a few days, provided that the items are in stock. You can also have Ikea professionals come and install your Ikea cabinets for an additional cost.

RTA Cabinets Online

Cabinets like Ikea, or ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets are similar but trump them in a few key ways. RTA cabinets are easier to install. While Ikea cabinets are technically RTA, many times they have been constructed without ease of installation in mind. One of the current claims to fame of RTA kitchen cabinets is that they are dead simple to put together, while maintaining super high stability.

Even with shipping costs, cabinets like Ikea end up being cheaper than Ikea. While they do have great prices, Ikea is still a physical place which carries all of the associated costs of maintenance of a business and that translates to a higher ticket price. An online retailer, such as RTA Cabinet Store, cuts out the majority of the overhead, and this is reflected in the price of the cabinets.

Though it’s possible to pick up cabinets from Ikea, often you’ll have to have some or all of your order shipped. RTA Cabinet Store offers a Quick Ship Guarantee© that promises your complete order leaves the warehouse in 3 days or fewer. It’s the fastest way to get high-quality cabinets.

Ikea, while they have many quality offerings, sometimes has models that are made from particle board or MDF, which may look nice, but in the end are not built to last. You can get a much higher quality (3/4″ plywood construction) kitchen cabinet like Ikea for the same money or less at RTA Cabinet Store.

Last, but not least, is ease. Yes, Ikea is easy, but only if it’s near you and only if you’re really good at deciphering the installation instructions. Why not try an RTA cabinet? They are made for DIYers so they are the easiest to put together and install.

Wrapping Up

There are pros and cons for both RTA vs. Ikea cabinets, the primary being whether you must see and feel a kitchen before buying it. One method which can be useful is to go see Ikea and other brick and mortar stores’ cabinets in person, choose a style that you like, and then head online and help yourself to the huge savings awaiting you. Get that new kitchen going, and good luck!

Learn more about the perks of RTA cabinets like Quick Ship and more!

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