First Day at the HGTV Project House

We just wrapped up our first day at the HGTV house.   It was a little more subdue than I expected, but it was hectic none the less.   The only people on site were the general contractor (who happens to be from Pennsylvania as well), and his assistants.   Jake and I got right to work assembling the cabinets for the kitchen, which took us most of the day….  did I mention that is was 105 degrees where we were?   Not the best conditions to be assembling cabinets in a garage, but we were able to get them all done.   As you will see in some of the pictures, they already had some of the kitchen cabinets installed when we got there so that they could measure for the countertops, but we finished installing the majority of them.

It was interesting to watch the coordination to make sure that all of the materials were on-site for a three day shoot.   We actually had to drive and pick up some of the remaining cabinets that hadn’t arrived yet, so we still have some work in the morning.

So that they have something to film tomorrow, they asked us not to assemble or install a couple of cabinets until the camera crews are around (so it sounds like we might be on the show after all).   Below are some photos of the house, the kitchen half installed and Jake & I hard at work.    Tomorrow is when most of the action happens, so check back for pics of the full installation, filming of the show, and maybe some pics of shows crew.


(unfortunately the internet signal at the hotel will not let me upload pics right now, but as soon as I have a strong enough signal I will get them up here)


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