Granite Tops: The difficulty in shipping large tops

Granite is certainly a challenging material to work with, especially when you are dealing with larger pieces.   The weight and awkward size of the vanity tops makes it so that they have to be strapped to a pallet.   Once you start getting into the larger size tops, the amount of surface area starts to become a problem.   Since granite is a natural material, it will inevitably have stronger and weaker points in the surface.  

Over the past couple of months we have run into major issues with the larger tops, particularly the 61" tops.   The excessive vibration on the large surface (and mis-handling from the trucking companies), was leading to a large amount of damage.  This not only creates problems from the customers stand point, but it is also a nightmare for us from a claims stand point.   Because of that, we have decided to stop shipping the 61" tops, atleast until we can figure out a method that the carriers can handle.   We are still offering them for local pickup, but shipping is no longer an option at this point.


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