Day 2: Filming of the Show Begins

Today was probably one of the coolest days of my life (not joking).   We spent the entire day watching the behind the scenes of the filming of an episode.   While Jake and I didn’t make it on the show, we helped the head carpenter (also named Jake) with the assembly of the kitchen and walked him through the features of the cabinets.   After filming seperate clips about the assembly of a base and a wall cabinet, we helped both Jake and Carter (the host) with the installation of the remaining cabinets.  Both Carter and Jake were extremely nice guys, and appreciated the fact that we were willing to help with the installation even though we were not going to be on camera.

As the day went on, they shot the installation of the countertops, some of the side projects, and closeups with Carter.   It was interesting to see how many changes were taking place as the show was being shot.   We actually made some changes to the layout right before they shot the first installation segment.   We stuck around the rest of the day and helped out where we could (ending the day with a picture with Carter).  

Tomorrow we are heading back to the house for the end reveal to the family.   The producers and product staff were extremely happy with the look and quality of the cabinets, and we are already talking about future shows that we can help them out with.   While I still can’t load any pics to the blog yet, we are going to create a new page on the site to cover all of the videos and pictures that we took over the past two days and tomorrow.

Check back for an update about the activities from tomorrow.

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