How to Find the Best Supplier for Kitchen Cabinets Online

Finding the best supplier for kitchen cabinets online might seem like a daunting task. After all, the search term “buy black kitchen cabinets” returns nearly 12 million results on Google, and that’s just a single color. As you can probably guess, though, not all of these suppliers are created equally. Fortunately, there are a few telltale signs to help you find the best supplier for cabinets in your kitchen.

Live Customer Service Help

One of the most important things to look for in a kitchen cabinet supplier is great customer service. While online reviews and customer testimonials can go a long way, taking a look at the company’s website can be just as informative. Are customer service links easy to find? Do they lead you to more than a FAQ page? These are important considerations.

If you take a look at the RTA Cabinet Store website, you’ll notice a “Live Help” link. By clicking on this link, customers can immediately chat with an expert about anything from whether bathroom cabinets are appropriate for their kitchen, to questions regarding how gray kitchen cabinets will hold up to dust and dirt. If a cabinet supplier doesn’t have this type of access during regular business hours, there’s no telling what type of service you’ll receive.

Complete Transparency and Minimization of Risk

If you’ve ever fallen in love with black kitchen cabinets only to find out upon delivery that they’re really just dark blue, you understand the risk of dealing with some online companies. Legitimate suppliers, whether you’re buying complete or unfinished cabinets, remove this risk by offering cabinet door samples. These samples allow you to ensure that the kitchen cabinets you choose are exactly the ones you expect.

The best online cabinet suppliers also make a point of providing plenty of information on their products. This means more than just having the color, dimensions and minimal photos displayed on a product page. If you’re looking for anything from cabinets, to a kitchen island with seating, check to see if the company provides comprehensive brochures. In the end, this helps you make a more informed decision.

york-aveKitchen Design Help

The truth of the matter is that most cabinets, whether they’re RTA cabinets (ready-to-assemble) or complete, look great if only judging by online images. When they actually get into the home amongst your other décor and appliances though, they might not look quite as amazing. In these cases, a few cheap cabinets geared toward existing design could look better than expensive ones

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