5 Remodeling Tips for the Bathroom

Whether it has sustained serious water damage, or you’re just looking to increase the value of your home, there comes a time when remodeling your bathroom just seems like the right thing to do. You probably have lots of great ideas. Maybe a larger shower? Maybe more classic bathroom cabinets? Whatever your big plans are for your new bathroom, here are a few tips that can make the process go more smoothly.

Have All Your Materials Before You Start

We understand that sometimes you want to get the ball rolling immediately on your bathroom remodel, but it’s important not to get ahead of yourself. If you purchase vanity tops and a special order bathtub on the same day, the likelihood of them arriving simultaneously is slim to none. If you get started before you have all materials on hand, you could be without a bathroom while waiting for a toilet, sink or other item to arrive.

Keep the Same Basic Footprint

There are obviously some instances where changing everything about a bathroom is necessary. If you’re hoping just to update the style, however, try your best to keep the bathroom’s original footprint. Tearing out the floor, completely repositioning fixtures and running new plumbing lines is usually more work than necessary. It’s possible to have a new bathroom vanity, bathing area and anything else your mind could desire without requiring major demolition and cleanup.

Do Your Shopping Online

Whether it’s something as insignificant as a towel rack, or as important as bathroom cabinets, you might as well do your shopping online. This has a few great benefits. First off, you’ll usually find a better price with online retailers whose main profit doesn’t come from physical stores that must be maintained. Additionally, you’ll have a much greater selection. The array of bathroom sink cabinets at RTA Cabinet Store, for instance, is far more extensive than even those found at retail giants.

Invest in a Curved Shower Rod

This is definitely a minute detail that most wouldn’t even consider, but curved shower rods provide plenty of bang for the buck. While they’re definitely a bit more expensive than traditional rods, the benefits far outweigh the small added cost. The main advantage, of course, is the fact that you have much more room inside of the shower. Luckily, this is accomplished without taking up more room in the bathroom, so you can still get that large bathroom vanity you’re eyeballing.

Prioritize Bathroom Lighting


When you’re remodeling your bathroom, you’ve likely focused on finding high-quality cheap bathroom vanities and deciding on the best tile flooring for your updated look. If you fail to consider r lighting, however, you’re doing the entire remodel a disservice. Dated lighting fixtures combined with an entirely new bathroom just don’t feel right. Find fixtures that work well with your bath vanity, and consider recessed lighting in the shower and dimmers for all of the fixtures.

These tips can go a long way whether you’re just replacing the bathroom cabinets or doing a full makeover. Statistics show that we spend about a year-and-a-half in our bathrooms. Why shouldn’t we be surrounded by greatness while doing so?

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