Don’t Want a Complete Kitchen Remodel? Try Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinet Doors

People always talk about “Buyer Beware,” but until you experience the remorse that comes with purchasing a big-ticket item that you regret, it’s hard to understand. If you buy inexpensive kitchen cabinets and end up not liking them, or after a few years the look just doesn’t suite you any more, you might feel stuck.

You don’t want a complete kitchen remodel or brand new kitchen cabinets, so what can you do? Instead of getting new cabinets, consider getting some custom doors that look great, are less expensive than new cabinets and give you a chance to find something perfect for your kitchen.

Sometimes a Door Is More Than Just a Door

A door? Why would I just want a door? The doors you have don’t do much for you, so why would getting different doors make a difference? First, look at your cabinets. What’s the first thing you notice? Is it the color? That’s simple enough to fix with some paint. My guess is you’re staring at your bland and boring doors and wish there was something more ornate. The doors are the main focal point of your cabinets even if you don’t realize it. If you have white kitchen cabinets with standard doors, then you might not know where the cabinet ends and the door begins. You can completely transform the way your cabinets look with new ornate doors.

There Are Many Types of Doors

When you bought your cheap kitchen cabinets, the doors were probably the last thing on your mind. You were thinking about the measurements, costs and a million other decisions. You could have purchased ornate doors initially, but it would have cost more. Now that the project is done and you’re not quite satisfied, you can start looking at doors. There are many different types and models out there. You could go for a different style, with more ornate wood work. You can select doors that are partially or completely glass, so you can showcase the dishes inside. Each type of door has a different cost, but there is no shortage of styles, colors and materials. Do you love a door, but it doesn’t mesh well with your existing color? Order the doors, install them and paint the cabinets to match.

Get Samples Delivered to You

The last thing you want to do is get burned again. Maybe the cabinets you chose looked different online, or maybe your kitchen colors were a little different than you thought. Either way, you ended up with something you didn’t like and you don’t want it to happen again. The great thing about kitchen cabinet doors is they’re small. You can have a few shipped to you to look at and compare with your existing cabinets. When you’re done, just send them back. The only way you’ll be able to be 100 percent sure the doors are perfect is by physically seeing them with your existing cabinets. has a wide selection of doors and accessories that you can choose from for your existing cabinets. Explore our website and see why we’re one of the leaders in RTA cabinets in the industry, then schedule a free consultation with one of our expert designers.

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