Can Tiny Houses Have Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets?

We live in a world of excess where 3,000-square-foot homes are the norm, but there is a subset of people that believe in minimalism. This is exemplified in the tiny house—a small home where space is maximized and everything a person needs can be found inside a tiny package. There are many sacrifices that tiny house owners must make to conserve space, but white kitchen cabinets are not one of them. Yes, you can have great cabinets for a great price.

Affordable Doesn’t Mean Ugly

There is a reason why people choose tiny houses instead of large houses. They are financially and environmentally conscious. They want to save as much money as possible, but they also want something that looks good. Cheap kitchen cabinets don’t have to be ugly. There are many cabinet styles that look great in a tiny home, but don’t cost an arm and a leg. There are many discount cabinets that, while not specifically made for tiny houses, look great in them. RTA Cabinet Store has many models that don’t take up much room, look great and are cost effective. Just because you chose a tiny home doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style for space.

Shop Around for the Best Choice

If you walk into a big box store looking for inexpensive kitchen cabinets, you’ll find many that look great in a full-size kitchen, but not so much in a tiny home. Big box stores need to sell to the greatest common denominator, and that’s new home construction and remodels. They want to sell large gray kitchen cabinets for massive kitchens and have people pay as much as possible. It’s only through shopping around that you’ll find the perfect kitchen cabinetry for your tiny home. Don’t forget about shopping online as well. You’ll find many places offering kitchen cabinets and many of them will have models and sizes the big box stores don’t. Make sure you choose a cabinetry website and company that has a good reputation and excellent online reviews.

Make Sure Your Sizes Are Correct

When you have cabinetry shipped to you ready to assemble, then you want to make sure your measurements are accurate. Before you even look at kitchen cabinets, check and double check your measurements. With a tiny house, space is important, but you don’t have a lot to work with. Consider the space when the cabinets are open as well. Having the perfect black kitchen cabinets won’t matter if you can’t open the doors and drawers completely. When the cabinets arrive, you don’t have many options on returns, so make sure everything is correct before they get there. Ill-fitting cabinets are a great way to make a tiny home look not-so-homey.

RTA Cabinet Store has a wide selection of kitchen cabinets that look great in tiny houses. You can even use our free design tool to figure out what works for you. We’re one of the leading online providers of kitchen cabinets in the industry and have the customer satisfaction to back it up.

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