DIY Kitchen Installation Tips

We’re asked all the time for tips and tricks for installing RTA kitchen cabinets and other kitchen remodeling essentials. Here are some great DIY kitchen installation tips to help you on your way.

Consider New Flooring

As long as your cabinets are removed and your entire kitchen floor is exposed, it’s a perfect time to replace your kitchen’s flooring for a total facelift. We sell static-free vinyl flooring in realistic wood grain patterns. You get all the beauty of hardwood flooring with none of the hassle.

Use Shims to Level Each Base Cabinet

We sell kitchen cabinet installation kits for a discounted price. They include all the screws and shims you need, and depending on what kind of tools you have available, some of them even include levels, screwdrivers, and tape measures, so you can be sure you have absolutely everything needed, on hand, delivered right to your door.

Order Touch-up Supplies With Your Cabinets

The additional cost of ordering an extra pint of stain or paint, along with a touch-up pencil or two is well worth it to save yourself the headache of trying to figure out the exact color to buy later on.

Don’t Skimp on Accessories and Options

The sticker shock of any major home improvement project can make it tempting to cut corners and save as much money as you can. But years from now, the small extra savings of not getting something like soft-close door dampers or drawer glides, or other luxury touches that you’ll appreciate every single day, will feel a little silly, won’t it? You’re already saving big by buying RTA cabinets from the RTA Cabinet Store, so go ahead and splurge a little. These are the kinds of purchases you won’t regret.

Use Jigs and Templates to Ease Installation

Sure, you could measure meticulously on each and every door and drawer, to make sure you get all of your hardware mounted perfectly. But why not save yourself a few hours of headache and just get a template? We sell them for less than $10, with holes pre-marked for each of our cabinet lines.

And if you’re installing crown molding, trust us, you’ll appreciate having a crown molding jig, so each installation goes exactly the same. This is your home; do it right the first time.

Plan Ahead to Save Hassle and Headache

Did you know we have an e-book to help you avoid common mistakes, and figure out exactly what you need to make your new kitchen a reality? It comes with two free reports, one with our dozen best design ideas. The other is a survival guide, to help your family keep eating without having to go out every single night while your kitchen is out of commission. Some of our ideas may seem like common sense, but others might give you some great inspiration. Download them here today!

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