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Soft Close Cabinet Door Dampers

Soft Close Cabinet Door Dampers

Kwik Fix Diagram 


• "All-rounder" – works with all self-closing hinge types
• Heavy duty all metal, nickel plated
• Adjustable dampening pressure
with rear thumb-screw, adjusts easily for door size and weight
• Kwik Fix mounts anywhere on
the hinge side of face frame cabinets
• Only one Kwik Fix Damper is needed
for most applications
• Concealed fastener
• Non-handed
• Easy installation with one
pre-mounted Hi-Lo screw
• No pilot hole required for most materials
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Soft-Close Door Damper (Zinc)

The soft-close door damper is used in place of soft close hinges to reduce the force with which the cabinet doors can be closed. This is prevent excessive wear and tear on the doors and eliminate the chance of fingers or other items getting slammed in the door when closing.

SMOVE01 $4.00
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