DIY Kitchen Ideas and Tips for the Handyman

There are people that don’t want to hire a contractor or can’t afford a contractor. When you decide to do a kitchen remodel on your own, you’re going to a whole new level of home repair. You need DIY kitchen ideas and tips that fit within your abilities and budget. It’s not going to be easy. Taking on a kitchen remodel yourself, even with extensive experience, is a daunting task. The good news is that when you’re finished, it’ll be a job well done, and you can put the money you saved on the contractor into the kitchen remodel.

Safety Is Your Main Concern During DIY Kitchen Remodel

Two of the toughest aspects of a kitchen remodel are the installation of appliances and manipulation of existing infrastructure. A contractor may have a separate person working on the electricity, plumbing or gas, but going DIY means it’s all you. Before you do anything, make sure breakers, water and gas are turned off. Electricity and natural gas can be deadly, and a water mistake could lead to major damage in your new kitchen. Ideally, you’ll choose to leave the infrastructure where it’s at and just install the appliances, but be careful when dealing with electric, gas and water.

DIY Kitchen Cabinets Are Easy to Install

If you plan on purchasing new cabinets, then the DIYer in you will want RTA kitchen cabinets. You’ll save money because they’re not pre-assembled, and you’ll put them together from start to finish. What makes it even better is they’re designed to be simple to build. You don’t need any special tools, just a screwdriver and a mallet to make sure everything is in place. The most important part is measuring the kitchen correctly. It you’re doing a DIY kitchen, then measure at least twice to make sure the measurements are correct. If not, the cabinets may not look right or fit in the space provided.

Order Everything Ahead of DIY Kitchen Renovations

You can’t have a complete DIY kitchen remodel if you don’t have everything you need. The biggest investment is going to be the cabinets and appliances, so get them first. You also potentially have lighting and flooring to replace as well. If the floors look good and you’re not changing the design of the cabinets, then consider keeping the existing floor. The new cabinets will fit perfectly in the existing cabinet space and you’ll save money. If you need to do the kitchen in stages, then save the lighting and the flooring for last as they can be done at any time. Cabinets and appliances are best done together to make sure everything fits perfectly.

If you’re new to buying kitchen cabinets, then consider looking at our free buying guide. It has everything you need to begin your cabinet-buying journey.

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