Designing An Open Style Kitchen

Remember your fondest memories: Grandma baking cookies, fabulous dinner parties…it all starts and happens in the kitchen. Let’s face it! Beautiful kitchens and memories go hand-in-hand. A kitchen has been the “heart of a home” for centuries and today is no different. Everything revolves around this busy area, so making sure your kitchen is designed for everything from enjoyable family events to wedding catering is a must.

Kitchen design is all about openness. Both designers and owners would agree, whether it’s new construction or remodeling, including personality in the design is a major consideration. From a design point, creating an open living space is quite easy. This can be done by creating clean lines, by providing a natural flow from area to area, and taking into consideration the style of cabinets, counters, and unique lighting for the entire area (task, ambiance, and recessed).

Want a sophisticated, yet workable kitchen? By selecting the right cabinets, colors, and customized features will definitely determine the functionality and open layout of your kitchen. A well thought-out kitchen delivers a glamorous look, a warmth, and an inviting feel that carries throughout the rest of your home.

Creating an Open Kitchen
Tips for Creating an Open Style Kitchen

Advantages to an Open Design Style

There are several advantages to an open style kitchen whether it’s remodel or new construction. First, decide what type of kitchen you want or the look you desire: French, Italian, modern, industrial, eclectic, etc. Also, consider how you will be using the space: Chef’s kitchen, entertaining, family-oriented, or just a guy’s kitchen.


If you’re remodeling or updating certain kitchen features (like cabinets, adding an island, etc.) consider taking advantages of all the natural lighting that is possible even if it means installing a glass door or new widows, as well as rearranging cabinet spacing for more light. Also, if you have a small older kitchen, installing Shaker Cabinets that have glass lighted doors will give your kitchen an awesome open feel. It also creates a warm, yet elegant look.

Also, if at all possible, when remodeling a kitchen, try clearing out obstacles (low hanging soffit/cabinets) that leave the room choppy. And, always take advantage (even if you have to add a window or skylight) to emphasize all the natural lighting to create a beautiful open look.

If you’re remodeling your home in order to sell, this is the perfect way to give your home added value without breaking the bank. There are two areas that really sell a home: First, the kitchen and second, the master bedroom.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets- Carbonized Bamboo
Bamboo Shaker Kitchen with lots of lighting

New Construction

Buyers today want a home that has an open floor plan that’s conducive to social gatherings. They prefer a large livable space that encompasses the entire three main living areas, void of walls, that effortlessly flows from one area to another. These modern spaces (kitchen, dining, and great room) are perfect for everything from watching kids to social gatherings with friends.

As the kitchen has a clean design that flows uninterruptedly into the dining room and seamlessly on into the family room, it’s a great floor plan to be “together,” without being really “together”.

Marquis Cinnamon Kitchen
A freshly renovated home that featured our Marquis Cinnamon kitchen cabinets

Both buyers and designers love an open concept kitchen, especially one that has sophisticated modern Marquis Cinnamon cabinets. They just add class to the entire area. The added dining room buffet is perfect for large groups and the peninsula is ideal for extra seating. Who could ask for anything else?

It’s all in the Details

Lastly, you can’t forget about those important extra touches that add refined and timeless beauty. Details are the finishing touches to any kitchen that will add flair, richness, and cohesion to the entire space.

Using Light to Accent a Kitchen
Great use of lighting in this kitchen that uses both our Sunset and Tuscany cabinet lines to create a great look

Awesome Lighting! This is a designer’s and a buyer’s dream kitchen, simply because of all the well thought-out details that bring a chic, creative, and functional design. Installing different types of lighting to distinguish the task space from the dining area gives the two living areas their own individual charm.

Also, some designers consider ambience lighting the most important type of lighting that a room can be graced with; considering that, it allows you to highlight the features of each area and the striking contrast in the beautiful cabinetry and design elements.

Organization/Functionality is key to any kitchen running smoothly. That’s why it’s important that the new cabinetry you buy (whether stock or personally designed) has these custom organized features.

Kitchen organization
Accessorizing your kitchen with drawer inserts like this knife organizer
Utility drawer organizer
Reduce the clutter in your kitchen with great drawer organization

Modern Custom Features can change an older kitchen into an updated contemporary jewel that will give your home a whole new feel. You’ll absolutely love this European style design from RTA with so many amenities, you’ll find it’s a pleasure in which to cook and entertain.

Slab Style doors in Villa Cherry
the modern lines of the slab style door on the villa cherry cabinet line

Amenities are the secret to a great design and to happy chefs. The staggered RTA Villa Cherry Cabinets offer interesting, yet clean lines, while the fabulous oversized hardware, sets off each cabinet with a modern unique style. The added frosted glass cabinets are a classic touch that provides an open concept design, but ideal for covering what lies behind.

No kitchen is complete without an in-kitchen wine rack, which is handy when guests arrive or for cooking with your favorite vino. And, to add a bit of sleek appeal to this charming kitchen, the vent hood has an eclectic flair.

Ready for a designer’s kitchen makeover and need beautiful cabinetry at great prices? RTA Cabinet Store is here to help your design dreams come true. Please feel free to call or email us anytime and talk to our trained experts to create a kitchen you will fall in love with.

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