Contractors: Increasing the WOW Factor with…!?

Construction & Rehab. “1% for Art”. That’s the tagline you’ll see across government construction and remodeling projects everywhere in the US. There’s a reason for it- and not just an excuse to give the artistically talented something to do.
Art makes people happier and creates the WOW factor.
Science even agrees with the fact that the Arts have an impact on mental health.
As a contractor this is something you can use to your advantage in every project you do as a method to create a happier client, gain more referrals and charge a higher premium for your work (we hope that got your attention). And it does not have to be expensive.
The method lies in having an art fabrication subcontractor on-demand that can source or create the custom pieces you need, fast, at the right price, who understands your goals.
So what “art” are we talking about? Well, art can be everywhere and in everything from furniture, lighting, railings- you name it.
Sure those inexpensive Home Depot lighting fixtures work okay with a set of our cabinets, but the customer has a unique Asian theme going on in the house. So what unique type of lighting scones could be built for the application instead that help you create the WOW factor for the client?
I’m sure the customer has an idea and I’m sure you do too.
But the average contractor approach is, “if its ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” because that only means more headache you’re probably not going to make any money on. So if the client isn’t going to say something about the lighting not meshing with the theme of the house, you’re not going to bring it up.
That’s the wrong approach. When you see an opportunity that could blow the client’s mind or make the space you’re working on FEEL better- jump on the opportunity by asking questions and attempting to enhance the living environment in collaboration with them.
Making your project standpoint is critical with the competition you’re up against. And many contractors don’t like these discussions because it feels like they’re dragging out the job or trying to nickle and dime the customer for add-ons or upgrades.
But trust me, when its making sure a customer’s space FEELS right… the space they’re going to be living in day after day- they appreciate you stopping to question things on their behalf.
If this sounds like what an interior design company does- it is more or less.
However most people can’t afford an interior design company outright. But they still want those “wow” results.
This is where your opportunity comes in; and its for you to identify those small artistic touches that can be done quickly and within budget by working with an art fabrication team to build you what you need, like a personal short-order cook.
One resource on this front we can recommend is the company, SODA Fabrication ( These guys work with a lot of builders, contractors and architects on residential and commercial jobs and were actually the ones that brought up the importance of art and suggested we share this information.
So whether you reach out to them or someone else, take this information to heart, as its an area where you can undoubtedly make a bigger impact with your clients and generate more revenue.
Working with SODA is as simple as emailing them over a napkin drawing, a video walkthru of the idea or if you need something real specific, an engineering drawing and they can get you a bid to factor into the job. And depending upon the job size, they do offer kickbacks.
They do most of their builds in-house, at their shop in Asheville, North Carolina and can ship anywhere in the world.
Although if you’re needing a high-end custom spiral staircase with aquariums for steps instead of a new set of light scones or some custom chairs, you’re probably going to want to have them come onsite and help with the install.
Think of companies like SODA with their custom art “on-demand” approach as another tool in your tool-belt to help you grow your business and make a bigger impact with your clients. Avoid being a cookie-cutter contractor, add some flair and make your projects standout and wow your customers.
You can checkout SODA Fabrication’s portfolio online at or get in contact with them at 828-338-8587.
Creating that WOW factor with lighting
Lighting doesn’t have to be the same boring stuff from Home Depot. Turn lights into art work!
Using Art to Create a WOW Factor
This reception desk has been turned into the focal point of the room with intricate art work.

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