6 Popular Trends for Today’s Kitchen

Ready for a change?  A new design style?   A kitchen that is centered around the way you live?   Sound too perfect?  Lifestyles have changed in recent years and in the process we need living areas that accommodate our busy and complex day to day living.

Today’s trendy kitchens have made life simpler with modern, yet functional new cabinets, sophisticated prep islands that double as dine-in solutions, and a mixture of new products and accessories designed to fit your lifestyle.

But what’s so fabulous is today’s kitchen can be customized to fit individual lifestyles from the ultra-modern to timeless Old World charm.  The busiest room in the house deserves to be the focal point of stylish living.

1. Freestanding Style

Designers, as well as homeowners and even buyers are drawn to this “free-floating” style in their homes.  With hectic lives our spaces need to be designed for movement, accessibility, and clutter-free zones. Everyone’s schedules these days are filled with more than one thing going on at a time.

Creating a Freestanding Kitchen Design
Freestanding Kitchen Design Style

The popular free style look brings an uncluttered feel with higher cabinets, lighted glass accented cabinetry, open shelving, freestanding bars, cooktops, islands, and even vent hoods.

This modern kitchen style brings high-use of stainless to a whole new level and adds convenient conversation areas and multiple work spaces.

The attention to added details allows this kitchen to be used for more than meal preparation.  It becomes a “living” space that provides efficient room for several projects to be accomplished at one time.

2. Glass Door Cabinets/Open Shelving

There’s something elegant about lighted glass cabinetry that makes most buyers weak in the knees. If you’re going to add only one feature to your kitchen – it should be see-through lighted cabinet doors.

Lighted glass cabinets above a white shaker door
Inset doors on a white shaker cabinet. The glass doors above add an extra level of detail.

The cabinet lighting reflects off the glass allowing the kitchen to look airy and spacious.  These lighted venues are the perfect place to showcase and exhibit those special pieces – instead of hiding them away in a closed cabinet.

 3. Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

Designers are finding these floor-to-ceiling cabinets enlarge the look of a kitchen, bring balance, extra storage, and aesthetics to any kitchen – small or large.  There are so many options for these cabinets that designers love. Installing a mixture of glass door cabinets and customized accessory drawers will provide a special place for small appliances, utensils, linens, and cookbooks. What an excellent way to free your countertops from all the clutter.

Floor to ceiling Tuscany Maple Cabinets
Floor to ceiling cabinets with crown added to the top for extra detailing

Two-toned cabinets are so popular and create a timeless appearance. Designers prefer putting them into every kitchen they design. The upper cabinets are usually the lighter color and the bottom freestanding furniture is done in a rich complementary color.

Two-toned kitchen design with complimentary color palettes
Two Toned Kitchen Design with Mocha Shaker and Harvest Maple cabinets

Between the ceiling height cabinets and the rich colors on the lower cabinets and furniture, this kitchen takes on a sophisticated, enchanting look. (Designer’s tip: On totally all black kitchens designers will mix some natural wood {here the island} into the design to instill warmth.)

4. Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Exotic sustainable “green” kitchens are definitely the trend and are growing in popularity. Many designers are incorporating green products into every kitchen design on their list. They love the versatility and characteristics of its sleek styling that’s conducive to an array of different kitchen designs.  Eco-friendly designs and products are not only a healthier alternative, but are simply elegant, basking in rich tones.

Bamboo is a hard, strong, and durable wood that lasts for years.  Bamboo is a plant that reaches its full height within 3-7 years. It regrows quickly after being cut ensuring its sustainability.

These tastefully sophisticated bamboo RTA Shaker cabinets, highlighted by the exquisite richness of the wood, bring an elegant décor to any modern space.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets
Eco-Friendly Bamboo cabinets

Consider bamboo for your next remodel! The durable rich wood is easy care and eco-friendly with a unique texture that can turn cabinet’s from blank canvas into a masterpiece.

5. Creative Customization

When it comes to customizing your dream kitchen – the sky is the limit. Designers are a great assistance in suggesting everything from artistic vent hoods, to ready-to-hang tile art, to dramatic Venetian glass fixtures.

Shaker style cabinets have always carried charm and simple elegance. What better way to customize these lovely cabinets then with embellished details, like crown molding and French fleur-de-lis décor pieces!

Adding Customization to Your Kitchen
creative customization comes down to the details such as hardware and built-ins

Not ready for a total remodel? Then try a few of these snazzy updates to bring your kitchen up-to-date. Customizing your pantry and cabinets is a small project but it can reap large dividends. Consider installing several different kinds of organizers and pull-outs that will make cooking a joy and keep your kitchen streamlined and clutter-free.

Interior designers usually add these convenient organizers in a custom build, but if you’re remodeling, these are an absolute must in every kitchen. Many homeowners have added these little extras to their kitchen cabinets when they’re staging their home for sale.

Buyers fall in love with all these small, yet efficient customized additions that make their lives just a little bit easier.

Customization using roll-out trays
adding accessories like rollout trays to your cabinets for easy access

6. Bold Fixtures

Fixtures are the icing on the cake. Once you have your new elegant cabinets in and all those little extras that you added to make your kitchen personalized, selecting the right lighting fixture will add drama and excitement to your new space.

 Select an oversized light fixture (a bit larger than you anticipated on buying for the space) to bring a chic,  sophisticated appearance that’s full of depth and excitement.

Contrasting fixtures and cabinet colors work well together as they emphasize the timeless details of the cabinetry.

There’s something quite charming about a well laid out kitchen with striking cabinetry, and artistic touches.  Create your own inspired kitchen with these helpful tips and RTA Cabinet’s experts.

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