Tuscany Maple Kitchen Cabinets

The Tuscany Collection features our old world finish. Its antiqued color makes it stand out from all other RTA cabinets. This cabinet line is a thing of beauty. Coupled with the mitered doors and raised trim accents, along with soft-closing drawers that come standard-these Tuscany RTA cabinets will make any kitchen look amazing.

Your cabinets were really amazing. They are designer quality without the designer price. The ease of assembly, variety of colors & styles will make your company our #1 choice for all our flips! Thanks for a great product. Luba S.

I received my cabinet door today. Thanks very much for your help, I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone I know installing cabinets. I have impressed so many people with the ease of installation, price and the follow-up service I've received from RTA.Peter M.

I just had an interior designer in this morning to help with paint, furniture, etc. and he was very impressed with the cabinets look and quality. He kept saying how beautiful they are. I told him how easy they are to assemble and what a great company RTA is, both in price and service. I'm so glad I purchased from you. Thanks again for all of your help.George

Your cabinets were very easy to work with. I was really impressed with their quality, appearance, and sturdy construction. Scott A.

It is absolutely an inexpensive cabinet, and when it's installed the kitchens tend to look like an upper end kitchen - At the end of the day, when the cabinets are done and they are installed everybody really seems to like them allot - The kitchens look fantastic.Arthur L.

Quality wise I was really shocked... It was pretty good quality.Christine L.

Viewing Tip: To see a close up of each Tuscany RTA cabinet along with a closeup of a sample Tuscany door, click on the description of the individual items on the order pages.

  • Door stiles and rails as well as the face frames are made from solid wood
  • Solid 1/2" PRE-FINISHED plywood sides
  • No Particle Board is used anywhere in their construction
  • Raised panel doors with mitered corners and raised trim accents
  • Each cabinet piece is shipped complete in the box, ready to assemble
  • Only a screw driver is needed to complete the assembly
  • Antiqued finish
  • Concealed under mount soft-closing drawer slides
  • Concealed European hinges
  • Dovetailed Drawer boxes with 1/2" all wood sides and back with natural maple finish
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Sample Door

Tuscany Sample Door Model #Tuscany Maple Sample

Keep the sample door, or return it for a refund of $20.00

$20.00 x

Tuscany Single Door Wall RTA Cabinets

$81.01 x
$93.18 x
$105.33 x
$94.89 x
$109.14 x
$123.39 x
$102.46 x
$117.82 x
$133.21 x
$119.76 x
$137.73 x
$155.68 x
$126.25 x
$145.17 x
$164.13 x

Tuscany Double Door Wall RTA Cabinets

$94.99 x
$144.91 x
$166.65 x
$188.38 x
$159.01 x
$182.85 x
$206.72 x
$86.43 x
$101.85 x
$107.07 x
$164.68 x
$160.43 x
$184.51 x
$208.56 x
$111.37 x
$171.64 x
$197.41 x
$223.17 x
$95.20 x
$111.67 x
$188.77 x
$164.59 x
$210.30 x
$237.74 x
$187.78 x
$244.11 x
$128.19 x
$141.02 x
$129.08 x
$169.34 x
$135.10 x
$184.77 x

Tuscany Single Door Base RTA Cabinets

Tuscany Double Door Base RTA Cabinets

$185.70 x
$208.11 x
$221.26 x
$232.48 x
$243.65 x
$278.20 x

Tuscany Three Drawer Base RTA Cabinets

$223.21 x
$227.55 x
$234.55 x
$244.83 x

Tuscany Sink RTA Cabinets

36" Corner Sink Face Floor Model #CSFFLOORNM
$21.44 x
$71.09 x
$200.56 x
$207.05 x
$213.49 x
$234.09 x
$299.47 x

Tuscany Horizontal RTA Wall Cabinets

$147.42 x
$154.93 x
$172.23 x
$178.72 x
$161.61 x
$170.29 x
$190.20 x
$197.64 x

Other Tuscany Base RTA Cabinets

$466.19 x
$390.01 x
36" Tuscany Blind Corner Base Cabinet With Shelf Model #BBC42-45TWM

The Cabinet itself is 36" but requires a minimum space of 6" away from the wall to make a total space of 42" but can expand up to 45" with a filler

$228.55 x

Other Tuscany Wall RTA Cabinets

$159.83 x
$179.09 x
$202.95 x
$232.83 x
$261.95 x
$81.27 x
$113.09 x
$112.22 x

Tuscany RTA End Panels

$39.56 x
$74.60 x
$79.22 x
$83.85 x
$44.77 x
$18.07 x
$12.56 x
$107.32 x
$52.67 x
$61.33 x
$70.01 x

Tuscany RTA Pantry

$408.51 x
$438.61 x
$453.56 x
$547.70 x
$587.37 x
$607.97 x

Tuscany RTA Oven Units

$802.08 x
$844.00 x

Tuscany RTA Accessories

$49.89 x
$63.34 x
$64.84 x
$64.80 x
$82.50 x
$84.24 x
$106.04 x
$125.78 x
$122.94 x
$163.00 x
$139.85 x
$185.43 x
$57.35 x
$73.45 x
$74.56 x
$80.30 x
$17.83 x
$22.06 x
Tuscany 3"W x 30"H Filler Model #F330TWM
$15.28 x
Tuscany 3"W Base Filler Model #BF3TWM
$18.94 x
Tuscany Scalloped Valance Model #VAS48TWM
$19.06 x
Tuscany Straight Valance Model #VA48TWM
$17.83 x
$17.20 x
$79.96 x
$27.76 x
$39.64 x
7'L Tuscany Scribe Molding Model #GSCM7TWM
$17.64 x
Tuscany Stemglass Holder Model #GSGH30TWM
$77.14 x

Glideware Cabinet Organizers

Single Glideware Model #GW01
$175.95 x
Double Glideware Model #GW02
$315.97 x
Pantry Glideware Model #GWPANTRY
$164.97 x
Extra Glideware Hooks Model #GWHOOK
$7.99 x

Roll Out Trays

Rollout Tray 15" Model #WB15DB
$69.04 x
Rollout Tray 18" Model #WB18DB
$71.96 x
Rollout Tray 21" Model #WB21DB
$74.80 x
Rollout Tray 24" Model #WB24DB
$79.66 x
Rollout Tray 27" Model #WB27DB
$82.64 x
Rollout Tray 30" Model #WB30DB
$83.50 x
Rollout Tray 36" Model #WB36DB
$89.30 x


The Tuscany Collection is our Old World elegant kitchen cabinet collection. The antiqued finish slips the Tuscany Collection seamlessly into many kitchen styles, including European, rustic, formal, Old World, French Country and of course, the Tuscan inspired kitchen. The Tuscany Collection boasts the details, such as mitered doors, raised trim and easy-glide drawers, that take these kitchen cabinets from an ordinary cabinet to a custom designed look.

The Tuscany Collection cabinets are made of Maple – with an antique white finish, making them the perfect kitchen cabinet choice for smaller kitchens that need an upgrade to elegance. The timeless style and hardwood Maple door stiles, rails and face frames ensure that these cabinets will look and function great for years to come. In fact, the Tuscany Collection has no particle board used in the construction!

With the Tuscany Collection, touches of the Tuscan inspiration can take the look to the next level just by adding these design elements to your kitchen:

• Use nature inspired colors – but that doesn’t have to mean neutrals; browns, deep oranges, rich reds, deep greens and earthy yellows bring out the best look in Tuscan design, and look incredible set off by the antique finish of the Tuscany Collection;
• Try some brightly colored accent pieces if you’re shy about going bold with color in the kitchen – try a rich, red canister set or a grouping of terra cotta pottery to test the color.
• A bold, tile backsplash, particularly a mosaic, plays off the antique white of the Tuscany Collection, and brings a professionally designed look to the kitchen workspace.
• Use large serving pieces, such as an attractive pottery salad bowl, as accents – not only does it free up cabinet space, but it looks like you are ready to entertain at a moment’s notice.
• Textured wall finishes, elegant or whimsical murals and trompe l'oeil (realistic artwork) paintings slip right into the Tuscany style.

To help you design and decorate with the Tuscany Collection kitchen cabinets, think about the Tuscan area that inspires this collection. Tuscany is an area in Italy that is warm, sunny and social. Family farmhouses have stood for centuries and wineries dot the picturesque landscapes. Family and food take front and center stage. Incorporate these ideals into your kitchen by adding the Tuscany Collection to your kitchen along with:

• A large gathering space, such as a distressed farmhouse table or a large kitchen island.
• Some wrought iron accents, such as a pot rack, to add additional texture to the room.
• Warm lighting - use as much natural lighting as possible, along with accent lighting to set off your design elements - particularly your cabinets!

The Tuscany Collection allows you to dabble in Old World style or go bold with a true Tuscan kitchen. Each cabinet is ready to assemble and offers elegant touches such as concealed European hinges and dovetailed drawer boxes with 1/2" thick wood sides and back. With only a screwdriver needed for assembly, the Tuscan look is truly made affordable and easy.

With nearly 20% of your home’s value tied to your kitchen, it deserves the quality and style that the Tuscany kitchen cabinet collection offers.

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