Create a Creative Tiny House Kitchen With RTA Cabinets

A tiny house is designed to use space wisely. It’s not some sprawling mansion where you can have an entire room dedicated to cat figurines. Every inch needs to have a purpose and that includes the kitchen. RTA Cabinets can go a long way to create a proper kitchen space that not only is super functional, but also looks great. Certain types of RTA cabinets look like they were made to be inside a tiny house.

Vertical Cabinets

When people think kitchen cabinets, they tend to imagine cabinets spread horizontally across an entire kitchen space. This provides a lot of storage, but when you’re in a tiny house, that’s not always possible. You need to get creative with your cabinet selections. It’s about more than just storage. It’s about maximizing space. A vertical cabinet with pullout shelves is perfect for storing a variety of materials from fruits and vegetables to pots and pans. Each shelf can have a specific function. This way you get two or three times the storage options in one cabinet. Instead of shoving everything into one cabinet, you can have an orderly way of storing multiple items.

Get Creative with Accessories

There are many accessories that you can have with your RTA cabinets. The key to space optimization is making sure you have choices for how you want to store your items. If you have numerous utensils that you need to store, then a pull-out basket might be a great option. You can place them in the basket and not worry about them falling out. If you have several small items such as forks and spoon or a hodgepodge of items that go together, but don’t need an entire drawer, then you can use a drawer organizer to give each item set a specific space in a single cabinet or drawer. There are so many cabinet accessories that you can choose from to create a kitchen that fits your exact needs.

Great Choices at Low Prices

RTA Cabinets arrive at your tiny home boxed and ready to build. They’re not preassembled, so you’ll save money not only on the cabinets, but also the shipping and handling. RTA Cabinet Store has a wide variety of colors and shapes, so you won’t have to settle for something you’re not completely happy with. The tiny house may be small, but it’s your home and it needs to feel that way. You’ll hate living there if every time you look at the kitchen you’re disappointed in what you see. Make sure you get the color and style you really want. The kitchen is a major focal point of a tiny house, perhaps even more so than a regular house, so give your tiny house the best look possible.

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