Contrast Is In in the Kitchen

When creating your new kitchen, many people do not consider the kitchen as a whole, but rather the individual parts, beginning with something they deem important, such as their cabinets.  In reality, though, to have a good and harmonious final result, the theme, at least, needs to be considered simultaneously for all of the parts that will create the final whole.  Currently, a growing trend is to have very contrasting colors in your kitchen.

Where to Contrast?

It really depends on the type of cabinets you want.  If you are going for white cabinets, such as some white Shaker or RTA Cabinet Store’s Casa Blanca line of cabinets, you should think about your backsplash and your floor being a much darker color.  Why, you ask?  Because the contrast of the backsplash and the countertop to the cabinets gives a sharp divide between the top and bottom cabinets, and gives a feeling of deep depth, perfect for making your room look large and spacious.

With medium colored cabinets, one needs to find their harmony point.  This one really depends on the amount of natural lighting in your kitchen, and what type of look you are going for.  Often, though, for medium and dark kitchens, people tend to choose the backsplash and the walls to be very bright, usually white.  There are a wide range of different styles of RTA kitchen cabinets to choose from, though, all of which have example pictures.  Many of them have the contrasting style, and they look fantastic. 

Choosing a Countertop

When choosing your countertop, be careful.  It will determine the entire look of your kitchen, as it is the working space for everything you will do there.  Whether you decide on a contrasting one or one that is similar in color to your cabinets, the decision doesn’t have to be blind!  You can easily check out what it will look like by going to RTA Cabinet Store online and getting some help. employs professional kitchen design consultants, who are available to help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Sign up for your free, no obligation design now!

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