A Different Look: RTA Inset Cabinets

What Are Inset Cabinet Doors?

They’re not for everybody, but once you’ve seen a kitchen made with RTA cabinets with inset doors, you’ll probably be wondering how to get some. Inset doors can lend a cabinet a totally different look. They divide the lines of the kitchen from mostly vertical to more of a grid arrangement, which can really make it stand out!

Unfortunately, kitchen cabinets with inset doors can be a little hard to find—but you’re in luck! At RTA Cabinet Store, we have five model lines ready to go!

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Inset Doors in White

When you’re going for inset doors, white is a great choice, and our Snow White Inset cabinets are perfect for the style. The contrast between the white surfaces and the darker shadows along the seams are emphasized by Shaker styling. This really makes them pop, and makes it clear even at a glance that these are no ordinary cabinets.

They include hardwood face frames, where warping and cracking is less of an issue. Then for the doors and drawer fronts themselves, we use high-density fiberboard (HDF) for its superior ability to hold a perfect coat of paint.

For the décor around them, including countertops, coastal blues and greens inspired by the sea are a great choice, as these are inspired by coastal designs themselves. Alternatively, a black granite or quartz countertop creates a striking and dramatic contrast, emphasizing the shadows even further.

Wood Tones Inset Cabinet Doors

Rather than shadows creating a grid, the wood tones of the Lexington series make the inset doors and drawers feel unified, creating a smooth, solid front rather than the contours of doors and drawers standing out from the face frames in a traditional overlay design.

Hardwood face frames and fiberboard doors and drawers are here as well, this time with hardwood veneers. We do this because of the tight tolerances involved in the inset construction; were solid hardwood to swell too much during a hot, humid summer, your cabinets might not close! So we use HDF for its superior precision, to make sure the inset stays perfect year-round.

We suggest yellow, off-white, and cream surroundings to emphasize the warmth of the Lexington cabinets’ stain, along with a medium-toned countertop that blends in rather than contrasts, to let the warm, antiqued finish stand up on its own.

Need Help Deciding?

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