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Lexington Kitchen Cabinets

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If you are looking for elegant simplicity and refinement in your kitchen, then our new Lexington Collection is the perfect cabinetry set for you. The line combines modern simplicity with a traditional wood hue for a look that is the perfect balance of classic and contemporary. Whether you are remodeling or building a kitchen from scratch, these cabinets will surely take your kitchen to the next level of interior design. Doors and Drawers will have a distressed look to them - knots and other characteristics may be visible - Please order a Sample Door before ordering if you are unsure of what this means


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Everyone who walks into my house thinks they’re custom, so I’m really happy with them. They really are beautiful. Their shopping process was really easy, I would use them again. If I were ever building another house or cabinet or anything, I would definitely not go anywhere else, just because of the product. It’s so beautiful, and anything comparable would cost me three times or four times the amount. It's absolutely worth the money and the time to put your own cabinets in and they're really easy to put together. They’re sturdy and will look beautiful. RTA Cabinet Store is really good and their products are outstanding. They just look custom and beautiful and no one would ever know that you spent a quarter of the price on your kitchen or room that you would have on custom.Rebekah R. / Fruit Heights, UT

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The Lexington Line

  • Fiberboard Core Doors
  • Solid Wood Face frames
  • Inset Doors and Drawers
  • Concealed Undermount drawer glides
    • Upgradeable to Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides
  • Concealed European hinges with built in soft closing mechanism
  • A more extensive list of cabinet sizes and features
  • Each cabinet is shipped complete in the box, ready to assemble
  • Only a screw driver is needed for assembly
  • ½” plywood cabinet box
  • Doors and Drawers will have a distressed look to them - knots and other characteristics may be visible - Please order a Sample Door before ordering if you are unsure of what this means
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Sample Door

Lexington Sample Door Model #LEXINGTON SAMPLE

FREE SHIPPING. $9.99 payment is fully refundable upon return of the sample door (just pay return shipping).
Ships same day when your order is placed before 3pm EST M-F.

$20 $9.99

Lexington Single Door Wall Cabinets

$215.35 $128.95
$254.81 $152.58
$297.53 $178.16
$220.09 $131.79
$292.55 $175.18
$296.56 $177.58
$247.46 $148.18
$330.33 $197.80
$333.42 $199.65
$270.11 $161.74
$377.47 $226.03
$364.56 $218.30
$318.29 $190.59
$415.21 $248.63
$429.77 $257.35

Lexington Double Door Wall Cabinets

$473.50 $283.53
$631.31 $378.03
$640.31 $383.42
$359.87 $215.49
$462.42 $276.90
$484.55 $290.15
$392.88 $235.26
$533.21 $319.29
$529.86 $317.28
$321.14 $192.30
$270.11 $161.74
$387.24 $231.88
$399.53 $239.24
$566.21 $339.05
$783.93 $469.42
$540.26 $323.51
$284.30 $170.24
$357.96 $214.35
$293.75 $175.90
$456.19 $273.17
$442.02 $264.68
$622.84 $372.96
$841.55 $503.92
$596.94 $357.45
$550.65 $329.73
$496.79 $297.48

Lexington Single Door Base Cabinets

$313.59 $187.78
$310.75 $186.08
$338.12 $202.47
$359.87 $215.49

Lexington Double Door Base Cabinets

$442.02 $264.68
$498.68 $298.61
$532.73 $319.00
$631.31 $378.03

Lexington Three Drawer Base Cabinets

$498.68 $298.61
$507.18 $303.70
$761.24 $455.83

Lexington Sink Base Cabinets

$498.68 $298.61
$541.13 $324.03

Lexington Other Base Cabinets

$535.52 $320.67
$1009.68 $604.60

Lexington Other Wall Cabinets

$448.68 $268.67
$632.25 $378.59
$605.43 $362.53
$376.84 $225.65
$509.57 $305.13
$509.07 $304.83

Lexington Pantry Cabinets

$1091.83 $653.79
$1499.83 $898.10
$559.35 $334.94
$590.35 $353.50
$884.06 $529.38

Lexington Double Oven Cabinets

$1735.96 $1039.50
$1837.05 $1100.03

Lexington End Panels

$42.45 $25.42
$49.05 $29.37
$81.13 $48.58
$70.81 $42.40
$168.94 $101.16
$491.70 $294.43

Lexington Accessories

$380.71 $227.97
$337.16 $201.89
$374.01 $223.96
$33.97 $20.34
$96.29 $57.66
$82.60 $49.46
$179.11 $107.25
$163.63 $97.98
$48.23 $28.88
$38.69 $23.17
$45.31 $27.13
$152.87 $91.54
$177.44 $106.25

Glideware Cabinet Organizers

Single Glideware Model #GW01
$405.33 $242.71
Double Glideware Model #GW02
$771.52 $461.99
Pantry Glideware Model #GWPANTRY
$380.03 $227.56
Extra Glideware Hooks Model #GWHOOK
$19.52 $11.69

Touch Up Kits

$6.66 $3.99
Express Cabinet Touch-Up & Repair Kit Model #EXPRESSKIT

Touch-up Kits professionally matched to your cabinet finish. In addition to the wax pencils and stain/paint marker provided, each kit contains a Scotch Brite Pad, Plastic Leveler Card…

$16.68 $9.99


This collection “draws it’s inspiration from early American antiques that are clean in design and very purposeful in function. Each piece is crafted in the tradition of fine furniture and finished with a multi-step, hand detailed finish that brings out the beauty of the select hardwood solids and veneers.” You can rest assured you are getting the character of antique style furniture with all the modern day conveniences. The sleek, straight lines of the cabinetry are beautifully complemented by the rich wood finish, creating a modern kitchen without sacrificing warmth and comfort.

The elegant color and design of the Lexington Collection allows it to slip effortlessly into a variety of color palettes and design styles. Yellow, off-white and cream hues are natural complements that bring out the richness and warm elegance of these cabinets. Accents in pale greens and blues will add brightness without sacrificing the cozy ambiance. Darker colors, like deep greens and reds, will steer the style in a more formal direction.

If you prefer to take your style in a more contemporary direction, play up with straight lines and simplicity of the cabinets with sleek, stainless steel countertops, appliances, and fixtures. For a more classic, traditional look, consider granite or butcher block countertops and wrought iron accent pieces.

In addition to plenty of storage space, the Lexington Collection cabinets also feature inset doors and drawers. Soft-closing door mechanisms and solid wood drawers are standard on this cabinet line, and it also features a wide range of accessories and add-ons that truly make your kitchen your own. Glass front cabinet doors, pocket drawers, wine bottle racks and plate holders are great additions. For convenience and functionality, consider opting for premium self-closing drawer slides, dove-tailed drawer box construction, and roll-out trays. And don’t worry, you won’t be giving up quality construction for aesthetic appeal. These cabinets are built solidly for durability and stability. You can be assured you are getting quality cabinetry that will last for years to come.

The Lexington Collection is that perfect balance between traditional and contemporary that you have been searching for. A design inspired by historical American style is coupled with a warm, rich tone and modern day chicness, so you get the best of both worlds. With this versatile and durable collection, both style and craftsmanship will stand the test of time.

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