Benefits of a Kitchen Island with Seating

When you design your kitchen, you’re primarily thinking about the cabinets, appliances, sink and countertops. These facets are part of every kitchen, but don’t forget to include a kitchen island with seating. If you have a large kitchen and there’s a massive space in the middle of the room that’s not being used, an island is the perfect addition. While open space is nice, it’s also wasted space that you could use. An island is more than just a decorative table. It’s a vital part of the kitchen if you remember to incorporate it.

Storage, Storage and More Storage

One of the biggest advantages to a kitchen island is the additional storage it affords. No matter how many black kitchen cabinets and drawers we have, there never is enough storage in the kitchen. A kitchen island gives you the opportunity to store pots, pans and even more, not only underneath it, but above it depending on the model you choose. No more sifting through drawers looking for the perfect pot when you can see everything as it hangs from the island. You just need to grab it and go. It’s a great place to store those frequently used items that you need right away like spatulas, cutting board, etc.

Extra Workspace

How many times have you been working on a big dinner and had to set things on the kitchen or dining room table because there was no room to work. Your kitchen countertops were filled with appliances and works in progress, so you were forced to go somewhere else and leave your other work unattended. A kitchen island gives you a second place to work at in the kitchen without taking up table space. With the added storage, you have access to everything you need. Get out the cutting board and start slicing veggies, onions and peppers for your dishes and then plop them into the nearby pot. There are a million things you can use your island for instead of heading to a table.

Doubles as a Dining Table

Mornings can be hectic as you try to get yourself and your family ready for the day ahead. You’re trying to get breakfast done and make sure your son has his homework done, and your daughter remembers her glasses or else she won’t be able to see the chalkboard. Instead of having them in the dining room while you’re in the kitchen, the kitchen island with seating acts as a second dining table. You can talk and interact with your family while getting everything ready for your day. Using it as a second table also removes the need of a kitchen table, saving you even more room. You’ll be surprised how often you use it throughout the day and night.

A kitchen island is a great addition. If you’re thinking about kitchen renovations, then check out our free design tool today.

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