5 FAQs About Bathroom Remodels

When it comes to bathroom remodels, there are a lot of frequently asked questions many homeowners have. This FAQ will attempt to answer some of the most common questions, and you can find tons more information throughout RTACabinetStore.com’s blog if your specific question isn’t answered here.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

The national average cost for a bathroom remodel hovers around the $10,000 mark, depending on general cost of living in your area, the age of your home, and what exactly you plan to do. A minor facelift for a small half-bath could cost $1,000 or less, while a major renovation to a master bathroom, involving relocating plumbing and fixtures, could push well into five figures. Still, most homeowners wind up spending between $6,000 and $13,000, so that’s a pretty good range to keep in mind if you’re in the early phases of planning.

ProTip: Don’t use up all of your available budget in planning your bathroom remodel. Depending on what is found as cabinetry is moved and walls are opened up, extra costs may be incurred. Plumbing and electrical wiring may need to be upgraded or moved, for example, or floorboards might be found to be rotting. If you plan for the worst, and everything goes smoothly, it’s a pleasant surprise!

Will I Be Able to Use My Bathroom While It’s Remodeled?

During the actual construction, probably not. Water and electricity will need to be shut off for the demolition and construction, so you should plan on sharing your home’s other bathrooms, or if you live in a one-bath home, a hotel stay during the remodel isn’t a bad idea.

How Long Will a Bathroom Remodel Take?

Well, this question, like that of cost, has a lot of answers, that depend on just what you plan to do, and the skill of the people doing the work. A typical remodel, from initial planning to completion, takes anywhere from one to three months, with the actual time the bathroom is unavailable due to construction tending to run around three weeks, and extending up to several months if unexpected problems are encountered.

ProTip: Minimize downtime by doing your homework ahead of time. By developing a detailed plan, deciding exactly what materials you want to use, such as bathroom vanities, sink cabinets, lighting, and flooring, and making sure all materials are delivered ahead of time, you can minimize the time of the actual construction project.

Do I Need to Obtain Permits to Remodel My Bathroom?

If all you’re doing is upgrading your bathroom vanity, or replacing a sink cabinet or tub, probably not. However, if you’re doing any structural modifications, such as opening up or moving walls, moving or changing plumbing or electrical outlets and wiring, you may need to obtain permits for that. If you’re changing the total living area of the house, almost certainly yes.

Most good contractors will handle the permits for you, but if you do it yourself, obtaining the permits ahead of time, before any demolition is done, is a great way to save time during the actual construction.

Can I Save Money by Remodeling My Bathroom Myself?

Maybe. Again, if you’re just replacing or updating your bathroom’s vanity, or putting new doors and fronts on the cabinets, this is something a typical homeowner should be able to handle. If you’re planning on doing more though, chances are if you need to ask this question, the answer is no!

If you are planning a DIY bathroom makeover, a great way to save money is by using RTA cabinets! Check out our range of cost-effective, yet high-quality ready-to-assemble cabinets and vanities to get some great ideas of what you might be able to accomplish yourself, with a modest investment of time and expense!

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