5 Common Mistakes of Kitchen Remodeling

It’s time to perform a kitchen remodel.  Great!  But there are a few mistakes that many people make, which you can easily avoid.  Check out the following tips to find out how your kitchen remodel can be a successful one!

Choose Your Appliances

Don’t even think about beginning your remodel until you have chosen your kitchen appliances.  Whether you are doing it yourself, or having a contractor work the project, make sure you have all of the exact specifications of all the appliances, including the colors, before the first cabinet is ordered.  Wall ovens, built in microwaves, stove tops and large refrigerators all must be decided on first.


Don’t Pay Until You See It

Unless you are doing the job yourself, your contractor will need a down payment, as they need to order products and parts.  Make sure that you leave a part of the payment unpaid, most often 10%, until you are satisfied that the kitchen is perfect.  You may want to work out a rolling payment plan with the contractor, based upon target dates.  For example, 35% to start, 35% after another milestone, 20% when the frames are on the walls, and 10% for a final fee.

Sign Up Now!

Any place that pushes you to sign a contract immediately in order to get some sort of discount most likely had high prices to begin with, and needs to bring in some business.  They may also have a light workload, as compared to an honest contractor who will give you his price at a fair rate and work with you if it seems too high.  Most contractors have a small amount of negotiating room built into their prices.

Check the Cabinets for Quality

It’s your kitchen remodel, so you have to make sure the mistakes are kept to a minimum.  You need to choose a style you like, and make sure the brand produces quality cabinetry.  Here at RTACabinetStore, it’s easy, since we refuse to sell any product that is not up to our quality standards.  Make sure that whatever you choose, it will last, and last well.

Consider the Floor

Most people do not consider the floor when looking at cabinets.  This is a must.  Are you going to replace your floor?  What will the material be?  What color?  These things must be answered and your floor completely redone before you begin work on your cabinets.  Once they are placed on it, it’s too late.

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