3 Types of White Kitchen Cabinets Explained

Many people, when choosing different kitchen cabinets, only think of two choices, white or wood.  What most people do not realize is that each category comes with a number of different styles, each with its own unique look.  A white kitchen can come in many differing styles, but here we are going to cover three of the major style themes of white kitchens.

White Shaker

white shakerShaker cabinets are very popular.  They look modern and feature clean lines and sharp, recessed edges.  The Shaker style commonly has doors made of five pieces of wood with a recessed center panel.  While the drawers differ somewhat on some of the lines, for the most part they fit well into any modern home.  This type of white cabinet can also, instead of a recessed center panel, have just a recessed line around the center panel, giving it an even more contemporary look.

Ivory Is White

coastal ivorySometimes, pure white is not the answer.  Using traditional style cabinet doors, but with an ivory finish, is a unique style.  No matter the exact face, the choice of an ivory finish can really set a kitchen off.  Many say that it gives a classical look, though when combined with a contemporary shape this can be the best of both worlds.  The subtle hues inside the finish allow you to accessorize in a much broader range, and light-colored wood furniture and accessories go with this style very well.  We love this finish here are RTA Cabinet Store.

Classic White

tuscanyDeciding to install a classic white kitchen is a safe and elegant choice for many.  The white finish on a classical kitchen gives the impression of new history, which is to say that you have a beautiful and charming classic kitchen built to last, while being brand new!  Marble countertops and banded colors go great with these styles, with bold, yet rounded, decoration on the doors and drawers being the norm.

They Are All Great

Whichever white kitchen you choose, you really can’t go wrong.  Sticking to the theme of your home is easy to do, especially with all the choices available, and with the right cabinet hardware you can make a kitchen theme which will really stand out.  Lots of light and the feel of being roomy and spacious—you can’t go wrong with a white kitchen!

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