On the Set of the Hit HGTV Show- Carter Can

RTA Cabinet Store recently partnered up with HGTV to help a family remodel their kitchen. We were on set for the entire process and brought back from great pictures and stories from the project house. Read all about the three day shoot, and see the end results they accomplished using our cabinets.

RTA Cabinet Store partners with HGTV for one of their hit television shows- "Carter Can".

RTA Cabinet Store had the priviledge of supplying the kitchen cabinets for an episode of one of HGTV's top shows- "Carter Can", which is in it's 7th season. We offered up our services to help assemble and install the Marquis Cinnamon cabinets that they selected, so we were at the house during the filming and were able to get a behind-the-scenes view of how one of the home improvement shows comes together.

Everyone on the staff, including Carter and the on-camera assistant carpenter Jake, were impressed with the quality and strength of the cabinets. We are already in discussions with some of the other HGTV shows about supplying cabinets for some of their other upcoming projects. Below are some of the photos that were taken throughout the filming. The production team is going to supply us with a copy of the show since it is not scheduled to air until sometime in September or October of 2010.  The high resolution images they are going to take really show you how nice the cabinets came out (and maybe give you some ideas for your own projects).... so keep checking back. In the meantime, take a look at some of the behind the scene shots we took, along with the before and after images.

Day #1: Preparing for Installation

Our first day at the house we weren't quite sure what to expect. When we got there, the general contractor was there and had already installed some of the base cabinets so that they could measure for the counter tops. We got right to work starting to assemble the remaining cabinets, and install everything that we could (they saved some of the cabinets so that they show the installation on-camera.

Outside of HGTV Project House

Ranch style home that was chosen for the kitchen remodel
Kitchen Before Cabinets Are Installed

Shot of the Kitchen before the cabinets were installed
Kitchen Prior to Cabinets being Installed

Still a lot of prep work to be done before the cabinets can be installed
Assembly of the Wall Cabinets Begins

Jake starting to assemble the wall cabinets
Installation of some of the wall cabinets

Gary securing two of the wall cabinets together

Day #2: Filming Begins

Once all of the prep work had been done, it was time for the camera crew and production team to arrive. There was a ton of work to get done, so they had various segments laid out and filming began immediately. We walked the on-camera carpenter Jake through the assembly process of the cabinets and he did a great segment on the features of the RTA Marquis Cinnamon Cabinets. They also filmed Carter Oosterhouse installing the cabinets and showing the homeowner the features of the glass doors. We were able to hang around and watch the entire day of filming, which also included the countertop installation and building of the custom projects. Here are some shots from the day's filming

Instructing the carpenter on how to assemble the cabinets

Gary walking Jake through the assembly process
working with the production team to layout the assembly process

Talking to the producer about the best way to film the assembly
Filming the assembly of a base cabinet

Jake talking about the features of the cabinets, while assembling one for the camera 
Jake completes the assembly of a base cabinet

Assembly of a base cabinet is complete 
Gary showing Jake the steps for assembling a wall cabinet

Gary helping Jake with the assembly of a wall cabinet 
Carter Oosterhouse and Jake start installing the wall cabinets on camera

Carter and Jake begin installation of a wall cabinet while the homeowner looks on 
Homeowner getting in on the installation process

Carter gets the homeowner to help with the installation of a wall cabinet 

Carter talking about the features of the new composite countertops that are being installed 

Day #3: Staging and the Big Reveal

On Day 3 we came back to see the kitchen nearly completed. The design team and contractors had worked most of the night to get all of the major items wrapped up, and staging had begun. They worked right up until the time the homeowners returned, so it really was a three day scramble. The kitchen really did turn out amazing, and the kitchen cabinets looked great! When it came time for the big reveal, the homeowner's couldn't believe the dramatic change from what the kitchen originally looked like, and they were more than pleased with the look and quality of their new kitchen cabinets.

Getting the new chandelier installed in the dining area

Jake helps install the custom chandelier
Getting ready to shoot a scene with the designer

Production team works out the details for a scene with the designer
Carter and Jake get a makeup touch up

Makeup crew coming in to help out 
Design team is working behind the camera crew to stage the kitchen

Design team is setting up the accent pieces 
Appliances being set in place

Carter and Jake bring in the appliances 
Carter doing a walk through of how the reveal is going to work

One last walk through before the homeowners are brought in 

The Final Product!

Here are some pictures of the final kitchen. As soon as we get the high resolution images from the production team, I will add them as well.

And last but not least, our photo with Carter Oosterhouse....

Carter Oosterhouse, Gary, and Jake
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