RTA Cabinet Hardware Selection App

Don't have an Android? Try the Web Version of our Hardware Selection App.

Browse RTACabinetStore.com's complete collection of over 1200 knob and pull styles. Choose your door style, then select a knob or pull style to see how it will look on the door.

After choosing the right knob or pull for your cabinet, easily add them to your shopping cart and check out.

An internet connection is required to use this app.


Support / FAQ

The door I'm interested in isn't listed in the door selection.

RTA continually adds new cabinet lines, at which point we'll update our mobile app. If you notice an upgrade is available for the RTA Cabinet Store Hardware App, there's a good chance your door style will be available in that release.


I've selected a knob, but it didn't appear exactly where I want it on the door.

Once you've chosen a knob, you can move it around on the door by draging it with a "single finger touch" to place exactly where you plan to install it on your door.


I have added a knob or pull to my shopping cart, but find it difficult to do a complete order on my mobile device.

Once you add your items to you shopping cart, you can save that shopping cart by creating an account on RTACabinetStore.com

Once you've created your account, you'll be able to move to a desktop PC or tablet to complete your order.

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