What’s the Difference between European and American Style Kitchen Cabinets?

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets- Carbonized BambooThere are many choices of cabinets out there, and there are many places that make cabinets too.  Depending on the area of the world you look at, you will find subtle differences in the way that cabinets are put together.  The same certainly holds true for kitchen cabinet design when comparing European kitchen cabinets and American kitchen cabinets.

Size Matters—European Kitchen Cabinets

Europe is an interesting place.  Many smaller countries with tight knit communities, and yet, space is at a premium in most places.  This means typically smaller kitchens, as well as smaller refrigerators (the typical fridge in Europe is only half the size of the American fridge!), and smaller kitchen cabinets.  The typical cabinet in a European kitchen is not as wide as the American one, allowing for more storage areas if not more storage space.  This also has to do with culture, due to the wide availability of mom and pop corner shops everywhere so people do not have to keep as much food stock in their homes.

Framed vs. Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

As you might have guessed, American style kitchen cabinets are typically framed.  It is the classic and traditional look.  Framed cabinets have a face frame that is seen from the front.  Unframed cabinets, on the other hand, have the doors right next to each other with little to no visibility of frame.

Frameless cabinets are considered more contemporary than framed cabinets.  They are slightly more difficult to install, but much easier to maintain than framed cabinets.  Check out RTA Cabinet Store’s Casa Blanca line to get an idea of how frameless cabinets look!  https://www.rtacabinetstore.com/RTA-Kitchen-Cabinets/casa-blanca-glazed/

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

With the availability of high quality RTA kitchen cabinets, the choices are abundant, without being dependant on a cabinet maker to know how to make European style kitchen cabinets.  And while slightly more difficult to install normally, European style RTA kitchen cabinets have been designed to be as easy to install as American style, negating that worry as well.  In the end, it’s all down to your preference.

Just remember, it’s easy to decide which style of cabinet you like best, but not so easy to design a whole kitchen based on that design. RTA Cabinet Store has expertly trained designers on staff and ready to help! Sign up now to get your free, no obligation design consultation at https://www.rtacabinetstore.com/free-kitchen-design-help.


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