Use Vertical Storage Cabinets in the Bathroom as a Privacy Wall

In bathrooms that are intended to be used by more than one person at a time, such as master bathrooms, or bathrooms with multiple entrances and exits, a privacy wall between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom can add a sense of comfort and relaxation where otherwise there might be anxiety just when you want it the least! But adding a privacy wall in many bathrooms, unless you have an extremely spacious floor plan, would sacrifice so much functional space for storage or usage, how can you justify it? Well, how about using vertical storage cabinets as the privacy wall? That way you may be able to add even more functionality than before, while still adding privacy and comfort.

Less Space Than You Might Think

It’s quite possible to build a privacy wall based on RTA cabinets in as little as nine inches of width. The secret is to choose a bathroom vanity style that has a complementary kitchen cabinet style. You see, our vanity styles typically come with linen closets, but those are a foot and a half wide, which is great for storage space if you have the room, but might be a little much for a bathroom that’s already feeling a little cozy.

Our kitchen cabinet lines on the other hand, almost all have full-depth cabinets that are nine or twelve inches wide. That’s plenty for single-width packages of toilet paper, for example, and an extremely convenient place to store it, along with things like hand towels, wash cloths, and other basic toiletries and small bathroom accessories that don’t need to take up space in the vanity itself.

How to Add Depth

“But all the RTA kitchen cabinets I see are only about twelve inches deep!” you might say. And it’s true; even our linen cabinets are only 21” deep. Neither of these are deep enough to provide a full privacy wall on their own, but by adding end panels such as refrigerator end panels, you can easily make the privacy wall as deep as you want!

More Width, More Possibilities

If you’re able to go up to a total width for your privacy wall of 12-13”, you open up a whole new world of possibilities. At this depth, you’re able to use our entire range of wall cabinets, oriented sideways. We’ve seen customers create amazing privacy walls, with tons of built-in storage, small wooden countertops for toilet accessories, built-in shelves for magazines or books, even windows with clear or frosted glass to improve light, or to allow someone on the toilet to see the rest of the bathroom while still offering privacy.

Many of our cabinet styles offer both bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinet lines, making it easy to synergize. For more information, click here to download your free copy of our consumer’s guide to buying kitchen cabinets today!

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