Tiny Houses’ Kitchens Don’t Have To Feel Small with RTA Cabinets

We can’t believe how spacious a tiny house can look on Tiny House Nation! Zack and John’s incredible passion for simple living has proven to America that living tiny doesn’t mean living boring. Their stunning work in the episode “Surfer Shack Chic” showed yet again that less is more.

Amber and Tommy were looking for a way to size down and reduce the clutter in their tiny house kitchen. As Santa Barbara residents and competitive rowers, they were looking for a way to bring their love of the ocean into their home. They wanted a smooth transition between the outside and inside of their home, keeping true to the minimalist mindset.

Zack and John selected a gorgeous design with alpine raised panel cabinets for a white kitchen. The white color added a soft touch to the space like sea foam. It was a practical choice as well. These cabinets are historically durable and sure to withstand decades of future use.

Tiny House Nation is always proud to offer the highest excellence to their guests. Cheap cabinets, as far as quality goes, aren’t in the playbook. Does it surprise you that they didn’t use cabinets that were already assembled? It shouldn’t. Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are just as durable as fully-assembled cabinets. The only difference between the two is that RTA cabinets are shipped flat, in pieces, rather than screwed together. Their construction uses the same quality wood and hardware; it just takes up less space on the delivery truck. We’re sure Zack and John were happy to pass those shipping-cost savings on to Amber and Tommy.

Of course, this means that the Tiny House Nation team had to assemble the cabinets themselves, which was hardly difficult for a group of professionals. Don’t worry, though. Using RTA cabinets in your own house is very simple. You don’t need to be a carpenter by trade to get the same results. You’ll be using the same methods as a tradesman. Just follow the step by step guides, and invite a friend or two over to help.

Amber and Tommy were enthralled with their new home―cabinets included. We think it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind after an active day in the water. Congratulations to them both!

How do you think the alpine raised panel cabinets fit the minimalistic style in Tiny House Nation? Watch the episode and find out.

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