The Best Renovation Trends of 2024

2024 was a year full of great kitchen renovation trends. From cabinets on top of the counter to advice on smarter home upgrades, there was a lot to learn and plenty of opportunities to get inspired.  

Get the ingredients you need for a better home kitchen with our best blogs from the past year. 

6 of the Best ROI Home Projects

Kitchen with black vintage stove and range hood with white cabinets.

In a highly competitive seller’s market, numerous individuals contemplate renovations before listing their homes for sale. Maximizing your investment becomes crucial, aiming to enhance your home’s value. Which projects offer the most significant value boost?

Flooring or Cabinets First?

White kitchen with light wood floors and natural stone countertops.

Determining whether to prioritize installing kitchen cabinets or floors remains a persistent query in every kitchen renovation project. Various contractors hold differing preferences. If you’re overseeing the remodel yourself or undertaking a DIY approach, obtaining reliable guidance becomes essential.

Enter Chip Wade, an expert in the field, renowned for his craftsmanship and frequent appearances on home improvement TV shows. Chip, well-versed in the needs of DIY enthusiasts, sheds light on the pivotal question: What should take precedence, cabinets or flooring?

Cabinets that Sit on the Counter? Yes, Please!

Collage of white kitchens with cabinets on top of the counter.

Among various kitchen trends, one stands out to elevate your space significantly. Incorporating cabinets directly onto the countertop is both practical and stylish, making a distinct statement. Yet, achieving this design requires careful planning and a tasteful approach. Here are some tips to effectively integrate countertop cabinets into your kitchen.

What Cabinets Do You Use for an Island?

Black cabinetry on an island with marble countertops.

Utilize cabinets as the foundation for your kitchen island to introduce storage, functional workspace, and transformative solutions, enhancing the kitchen as a prime room in your home.

The pivotal question to address is: which cabinets best suit your island? The available options encompass a wide array and hinge primarily on your design preferences, taste, and specific requirements. Here are some key factors to ponder as you strategize for your new kitchen island.

What Color Cabinets Go with Dark Wood Floors?

Kitchen with natural hickory kitchen cabinets and island.

Rich, dark wood floors serve as a robust cornerstone in kitchen design, setting a bold tone for the entire space. However, their striking presence might prompt queries about their compatibility with other kitchen elements.

You may ponder the choice of countertops and cabinets that complement dark wood floors. Despite the perception of limitations, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the multitude of options available to harmonize with these commanding floors.

4 Ways to Do Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

White flat front cabinets with an organized interior of plates and more.

As minimalism remains a dominant force in kitchen design, a fresh trend has surfaced: handleless kitchen cabinets. Reviving a style popular in the 1960s and 1970s, it’s making a comeback in contemporary settings.

The sleek, seamless appearance of handleless cabinets might raise concerns about practicality. How does one access doors and drawers devoid of knobs or pulls? Here are four approaches to achieve the handleless aesthetic while ensuring kitchen functionality remains intact.

Simple Upgrades that Uncramp Your Style

A close up of white kitchen cabinets from the RTA Cabinet Store

There’s a certain beauty in the simple things. That’s especially true when you’ve got big plans for your kitchen. A few simple upgrades are all it takes to make your kitchen better looking and fully functional. 

Now that you’ve got the ingredients, it’s time to get cooking. 

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