The Best Renovation Trends of 2023

2023 was a year full of great kitchen renovation trends. From cabinets on top of the counter to advice on smarter home upgrades, there was a lot to learn and plenty of opportunities to get inspired.  

Get the ingredients you need for a better home kitchen with our best blogs from the past year. 

White and yellow kitchen with shaker cabinets and gray wood floor.

Refreshed Nostalgia

Everybody loves nostalgia, but especially Ashley and Dino Petrone. After falling in love with a run-down motel on a trip to Anna Maria Island, Florida, they decided to buy it and build it back to its former glory. With lots of hard work and great design choices—like the Florence White Shaker cabinets from the RTA Cabinet Store—the Joie Inn (French for “joy”) was reborn. 

Want to add a bit of joy to your kitchen renovation project? See how Ashley and Dino make the Joie Inn a memorable beachside oasis. 

Refreshed Nostalgia for a New Generation 

Countertop Cabinet 101 

A large kitchen featuring white countertop cabinets from the RTA Cabinet Store

Your kitchen is one of the most important hubs in your entire home. Everything from family meals to snack time and storage runs through your kitchen. If you want a kitchen that’s functional, efficient, and full of style, then countertop cabinets are the way to go. 

Just like the many spices and seasonings you use to cook with, there are plenty of tasteful, unique countertop cabinet combinations. That includes cabinets that are: 

  • Frame or frameless 
  • Full height 
  • On the corner 

You’ll have much more space, increased storage capacity, better access to ingredients and so much more. Check out our blog post for more information on how to use countertop cabinets. 

Cabinets That Sit on the Counter 

Simple Upgrades that Uncramp Your Style

A close up of white kitchen cabinets from the RTA Cabinet Store

There’s a certain beauty in the simple things. That’s especially true when you’ve got big plans for your kitchen. A few simple upgrades are all it takes to make your kitchen better looking and fully functional. 

You already know about countertop cabinets, but some other easy upgrades include: 

  • Using natural light 
  • Painting with lighter colors 
  • Adding a vaulted ceiling 
  • Choosing open shelves 
  • Including artwork or ‘attention-grabbing” features 

These simple ideas will satisfy your palate for an unforgettable, stylish kitchen. 

Very Small Kitchen Upgrades to Uncramp Your Style 

The Most Underrated Cabinet Locations

RTA Shaker Cinder cabinets in a laundry room.

Cabinets make your kitchen an invaluable asset for cooking, entertaining, and more. But what about those other important areas in your home? Quality cabinetry works there too. Have you considered new cabinets for your: 

  • Garage 
  • Closet 
  • Office 

That’s right, RTA cabinets work great all over your home. Here’s how you can bring your home together with the right set of cabinets. 

5 Underrated Cabinet Locations 

A Cozy Kitchen Idea You Can’t Live Without

Cushioned chairs positioned around a kitchen island

When you think of your coziest rooms, your bedroom, bathroom, and living room are the most likely places that come to mind. But what about your kitchen? Can a kitchen be “cozy” like those other rooms? 

As it turns out, it can!  

One of the secret ingredients for a cozy kitchen is your seating arrangement. To start, pick a central area where everyone can gather around. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, surround it with comfy seating like dining chairs with cushions, a banquette with throw pillows, or even an armchair like the one in your living room. 

Want even more ideas for a comfier kitchen? Here’s what you need to know. 

The Single Best Cozy Kitchen Idea You Shouldn’t Live Without 

FAQs about RTA Cabinets

A kitchen featuring wooden floors and Midnight Blue cabinets by the RTA Cabinet Store.

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or changing up another area of your home, nothing beats the quality and easy assembly of RTA cabinets. That makes them great for new DIYers that are ready to take matters into their own hands.  

Want to learn more? We’ve answered the most common questions about RTA cabinets, like: 

  • What does RTA stand for? 
  • How long do RTA cabinets last? 
  • Are RTA cabinets real wood? 
  • How fast can you assemble RTA cabinets? 
  • Can you paint RTA cabinets? 

No matter what questions you have, we’re here to answer them. 

Top 10 FAQs About RTA Cabinets 

Transform Your Kitchen with Two-Tone Cabinets

Another hot remodeling trend of 2023 is the “two-tone” look; one of the best ways to achieve that look is through your cabinets. Just like food pairings, cabinets pair better with specific materials and colors in a two-tone design. Mixing wood and white paint, blue and green, or a classic black and white will make your kitchen stand out from the rest. 

Learn more about the best ways to upgrade your kitchen with two-tone cabinets. 

Tips for Transforming Your Kitchen With Two-Tone Cabinets 

How to Design a Modern, Minimalist Kitchen

A minimalist kitchen featuring Storm Grey cabinets by the RTA Cabinet Store.

The minimalist aesthetic is a staple of many kitchens around the country and rightfully so. If you want a modern, minimalist kitchen in your home, there are several things you can do: 

  • Conquer the utensil drawer 
  • Add multitasking tools 
  • Get rid of extra appliances 
  • Clear your counter 

Check out our full blog for more great tips and tricks. 

Designing Your Minimalist Kitchen  

Now that you’ve got the ingredients, it’s time to get cooking. 

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