The Art of Greige

Champions of the color palette, gray and beige are the neutrals that can bring any design together. Each enjoys periods of increased popularity, but neither really goes out of style.

There’s a third contender that should take the podium alongside gray and beige, and that’s greige.

Griege refers to a color that combines gray and beige The term “griege” itself is a portmanteau of “gray” and “beige.” This neutral color has gained popularity in various design fields due to its versatility and ability to create a sophisticated, calming, and timeless look.

The blending of two colors lends many of the characteristics of both into one. For instance, the addition of brown to gray transforms a cooler color into a warmer color. Gray, a mix of both black and white, carries with it undertones that give greige its ability to infer colors from all over the color wheel.

Lighting too has an impact on how greige plays in a design. In some lights, it can look more gray, and in others, more beige. The added element of light broadens your palette and gives you more design wiggle room to create.

Whether you use griege as the star of your minimalist palette or as a calming accent in a boho design, it fits right in and does its job. Here are ways you can use greige to your best advantage.

Close up of a corner of the kitchen with refrigerator, oven and greige cabinets to the ceiling.

Neutral Base

Greige serves as an excellent neutral base color for interior spaces. It offers a softer alternative to pure white, gray, or beige, providing a backdrop that is neither too cold nor too warm. This neutral base allows other colors, patterns, and textures to stand out, making it a versatile choice for different design elements.


One of the main advantages of using greige in interior design is its adaptability. It can work well with both cool and warm color schemes, making it suitable for various design styles, including contemporary, traditional, Scandinavian, farmhouse, and more.

Creating Serene Atmospheres

Greige’s calming and soothing qualities make it a popular choice for creating serene and relaxing environments. In bedrooms and living areas, greige walls or furnishings can promote a sense of tranquility and comfort. Its muted warmth keeps it in neutral territory both as a color and as a mood inducer.


Though greige is the color of the moment, it is a timeless color choice that can withstand changing design trends. Unlike bold and vibrant colors, greige won’t easily go out of style, making it a safe and enduring option for long-term design projects.

Lower cabinets in greige with brass handles and light hardwood flooring.

Complementing Other Colors

Greige acts as a chameleon color, effortlessly complementing other hues in the interior space. It can pair well with various colors, including pastels, earth tones, bright accents, and even metallics. This makes it the perfect choice for just about any design style from Hygge minimalism to bold eclectic.

Greige Cabinets

Griege cabinets are the perfect foundation for any kitchen or bathroom. Gray and white will always be popular, but greige is quickly rising to the top. Our Weston Sand Shaker cabinet combines the timelessness of the Shaker design with the warmth and verstility of greige.

It ties together all the elements of the design and keeps giving no matter the design style of your space. Better yet, Weston Sand is a part of our Quick Ship program so you’ll never have to hold up your project’s timeline.

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Textures and Layering

Greige’s neutral nature allows designers to play with textures and layering. By incorporating various textures in furnishings, fabrics, and materials, designers can add depth and interest to the interior while maintaining a harmonious overall look. The color won’t compete with other visual elements in the space.

Small kitchen with natural wood, black accents and greige cabinetry.

Expanding Small Spaces

White is the traditional choice for visually expanding small spaces, but greige is the new kid on the block that can do the same thing with more warmth and character. Greige is an excellent choice for smaller rooms or spaces that need to feel more open and airy. Its light and neutral character can make a room appear larger and more inviting.

Accent Color Enhancer

Greige can enhance the impact of accent colors in the interior. When combined with a bold accent color, it allows the accent to stand out more prominently, creating focal points within the design.

Whether used on walls, furniture, or decor elements, greige has proven to be a versatile and enduring color choice in interior design. Its adaptability, timelessness, and ability to create harmonious spaces make it a favored option for both professional designers and homeowners alike.

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