Small Budget, No Problem with RTA Stone Grey Shaker Line

Tiny houses are all the rage and they make great economic sense for people who don’t need a lot of space. Many times these small homes are created from scratch, so you have complete freedom to use the space as you please. One of the hardest decisions is choosing what type of gray kitchen cabinets would not only look best, but also be cost effective and make best use of the space.

Grey Shaker all the way

Since we’re talking specifically about the tiny house revolution, the RTA Stone Grey Shaker Cabinet Line is the best around. In fact, it was even featured in an episode of Tiny House Nation. The tiny house kitchen was only 10 x 10 and the cabinets fit perfectly, providing ample storage space for less than $2,000. What makes these cabinets so special? They’re made from a solid birch frame and come standard with soft close full-drawer guides, and dovetailed drawer boxes with a maple interior. They’re attractive and have enough variety to fit into the smallest spaces and peculiar shapes.

Tiny-house proven

The RTA Stone Grey Shaker Cabinet Line has proven itself in the tiny house environment. While there are many styles, types and brands of cabinetry, not all of them are good for inside a tiny house. The small space and close confines makes it a difficult fit for many cabinet brands. Luckily, the Grey Shaker Line not only fits, but fits well in these types of environments. It’s one of the few ways a tiny house owner doesn’t have to sacrifice quality for a low price.  They are a great choice not only for tiny houses, but any home.

Versatility to the max

The Grey Shaker Cabinet Line isn’t just great for kitchens, and has a unique versatility that you won’t find with many other cheap cabinets. The right mix can create a variety of useful cabinet spaces and all at rock bottom prices. Why stop with kitchen cabinets when you can have a unique coat rack and storage facility off of your living room? Do you love coffee of all types? Why not create a coffee bar using white kitchen cabinets? You can even have end bookshelves at the end of your cabinets for decoration or create a rustic bathroom vanity. There is no end to the versatility, short of your imagination.

Do you have a tiny house and are looking for the perfect cabinet set? Visit RTA Cabinet Store and find the best choices at the best prices around.

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