How Do I Set Up a Budget for RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

We understand that researching and purchasing RTA kitchen cabinets isn’t easy. It’s a big investment and you want to get the best you can afford. With all the little decisions from color to layout, people often forget about the most important decision of all: the budget. Without a proper budget, things can easily get out control. You may have found the ideal cabinets, but at what cost? It’s helpful to start the shopping process with an idea of how much you can spend, and then don’t go over it.

Consider Your Finances Before Wholesale Kitchen Cabinet Shopping

The first step is to look at your current finances and see exactly what they are. Do you have several loans or credit card debt? How much money is coming in versus going out? If you don’t have much saved, and the cabinets aren’t in that bad of shape, then you might want to wait until a better financial time. If you have decent savings or believe you can get a loan and afford the payments, then it’s the perfect time for cabinet shopping. Once your finances are in order, you can get down to setting your budget limits.

Research Your Cheap Kitchen Cabinet Options

Start your research for kitchen cabinets and see what the average cost is for various types and options. You may find that you’d love solid wood cabinets, but can only afford laminate. You must decide if that’s acceptable for you, or if you need to take some time to save more and get the cabinets you want. Create a range for your budget from “this is the minimum we’re likely to spend” to “this is the maximum we can spend.” You don’t have to be specific, but by setting a minimum and a maximum, you’ll have a better understanding of the options available to you.

Set and Stick with Your DIY Kitchen Cabinet Budget

You’ve done the research and created your budget, now stick to it. As we said before, there are many small decisions that must be made, and little by little your choices can make the price go up.

Stock cabinets cost less than custom cabinets, but lack the individuality. Solid wood lasts longer and looks great, but it is also the most expensive when compared to plywood and fiberboard options. Do you want to get the built-in spice rack or the pull-out wastebasket? Don’t underestimate your budget and don’t go over it. There is a reason you set that maximum and not abiding by it can get you into financial trouble.

You can see how certain cabinets will look in your kitchen with our kitchen design tool. Check it out and use it to help find your perfect cabinets.

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