Save Kitchen Space with RTA Cabinets for Entertaining in a Tiny House

In Season Three, Episode Seventeen of Tiny House Nation, there was a change from normal.  This Tiny House had to be able to accommodate at least 10 people from time to time, as the two new owners were avid poker players and hosted poker parties.  With a 300-square-foot house (smaller than some full kitchens!) there isn’t a lot of space to waste.  Unsurprisingly, using the very classic and classy looking Stone Grey Shaker cabinet line from RTA Cabinet Store, they were able to fit in enough cabinet and countertop space to rival many full-size kitchens, and easily provide the girls enough preparation space to get ready for a slew of guests.

Back to Basics

Michelle and Blake are not very complicated when it comes to their wants in the kitchen.  They didn’t really have any special needs except for lots of storage space.  This was easily achieved with the Stone Grey Shaker cabinets, as they also chose models which are very deep, to have more storage.  They put in a U-shaped kitchen, with the sink side and the counter perpendicular to it lacking any upper storage.  This was to create a larger sense of space in the kitchen, and they utilized the space for external hanging storage.  On the right side, however, they put in a couple of 78-inch-tall cabinets with a huge amount of vertical storage, perfect for their needs.  This combination saved a lot of space in the house, giving it room to put in the 10-person poker table and maintain a more open feel.

Modularity Was Key

One of the problems they ran into in the episode was that the taller cabinets were the perfect size … before they dropped the ceiling down over the kitchen to accommodate an inset into the floor mattress.  They were able to modify the cabinets, though, and fairly easily.  One of the great things about RTA cabinets is that they are so easy to put together, if you need to make a modification, such as taking out the floor splash area, they still work very well.  They are made to be stable throughout the structure, not just at certain points, so pretty much no extra work was needed, aside from a bit of extra decorative wood being removed.  The cabinets eventually went in perfectly and snugly, and the installers even left a bit of space in between them to make an impromptu broom closet for brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies.

Fantastic in Every Home

The Stone Grey Shaker cabinets are not just good for a tiny house, but regular sized houses as well.  They provide a neutral color that matches just about any color theme, and are easy to keep clean.  There are a slew of choices for cabinet sizes, and lots of specialty cabinets as well, such as wine racks.  Check out the episode of Tiny House Nation to see how they look and just how much you can fit into them!

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