Sample Doors—A Must in Kitchen Remodeling

05.14 pic 8Okay, so you’ve taken a look at our beautiful collection of ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, and you’ve narrowed it down to a few (or even the one) that you really like. Why should you spend the money to order a sample door? Why not just pull the trigger and place the order for the whole kitchen remodel?

Lighting Effects

This may seem obvious once we’ve said it, but chances are it isn’t something you thought about right away. The base photos of our kitchen cabinet sets are taken in bright white lighting. This gives as close to an ‘unbiased’ view of what the cabinets look like as possible. It also eliminates most shadow effects, however.

The lighting in your kitchen is probably different from not only the main photo of the cabinet line, but also of the gallery photos as well. The positions and types of lights, the placement of windows, the angle of the sun coming into your kitchen in the evening when you’re most likely to be spending a lot of time there, these things all have enormous effects on the true final look of your chosen line of cabinets. The only way to really get a sense for how your new cabinets will look in your kitchen, is to see them for yourself.

Easy Visualization

No matter how good your imagination might be, it’s difficult to truly imagine your kitchen with different cabinets, based on photographs alone. With door samples, you’ll be able to hold your top contenders up in various places around the kitchen. This will help you visualize the final look in a much more realistic sense than you could do without a physical sample there to help.

No Regrets

The most important reason to get a door sample when you’re planning a kitchen remodel is to avoid regret. If you don’t get a door sample first, and just order your kitchen cabinets, what happens if you get the order, assemble the cabinets, and install them, only to realize too late that the line you went with has a color that clashes with the color of your floor or the baseboards of nearby walls? Or what if you found a very ornate style attractive online, but in your real kitchen it winds up looking too busy and cluttered?

The bottom line is that while buying a door sample may seem like a waste of money, it’s an invaluable tool that lets you picture what your new kitchen cabinets will really look like in your home, for a tiny fraction of the cost of the full order.

Add in the fact that at RTA Cabinet Store, we offer a refund of the cost of the sample door if you want to return it, and really, aren’t sample doors a no-brainer?

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